An Overview of Military Romance Scam

A brief introduction to the military Romance Scam?

Do you hang out with or talk to someone who says they are in the military? Have they asked you for money or important papers? You might be looking for your soul mate, but you’re probably a victim of one of the many military scams that happen every day through western union hack and western union hack apk.

US military officials say that people who date online should be careful when talking to someone who pretends to be in the US military and is serving in Syria, Afghanistan, or somewhere else. Officials and websites get hundreds of questions or complaints every month from people who say they were interested in an online relationship with someone who said they were in the U.S. military but then started asking for money for things like transportation costs, contact fees, or marriage, processing, or medical fees. In reality, they were hacked by someone who used software to hack western union to get free money. Western Union hackers use the Western Union Hackers’ Forum 

People who fall for online military scams always think that helping a service member is a good thing. Instead, they gave their money to a con artist and lost thousands of dollars that they can never get back. They became victims of western union hack free, which was done using the western union hack tool.

The United States has set up a number of task forces to deal with this epidemic. Most of the time, the people who run these scams are not in the U.S. They set up email accounts in different places around the world and use Internet cafes that charge by the hour. Are you a victim of romance scams in the military?

What Exactly is the Military Romance Scam?

An Military romance scam is a subcategory of romance scams, and a type of authorized push payment fraud where the attacker uses social engineering techniques to leverage an emotional relationship. In the case of an military romance scam, the attacker will pretend to be military personnel. Adopting this persona serves two functions: pretending to be in the army, and perhaps on tour, provides the attacker with an excuse for not being able to visit and see the victim, and being unauthorized to turn his camera on.

The objective is to usually, but not exclusively, obtain financial gain or get the person to do something on the attacker’s behalf.  Miliatryromance scams are not only committed to extort money from the victim, but also steal personal information and credentials to carry out other theft or fraud schemes. Websites like often report on scams involving impersonated military, and sometimes even highly ranked generals.


How does Military Romance Scam work?

Military scammers will often prey upon people who express emotional distress and loneliness, so the modus operandi is very similar to other romance scams:

  1. Military scammers will browse through online dating apps and websites to select their victims. Their profiles will be carefully crafted with stolen photos, and an established back story;
  1. After making first contact, scammers will take time to develop the relationship, but will quickly say they are looking for an honest person and a serious relationship. They will use social engineering and leverage emotional distress to bond with the victim. Moreover, they will create excuses to explain why they cannot meet the victim in person, often pretexting they are serving in a foreign country;
  1. Once the relationship has been established, they will make their move and state they need money rapidly under false pretenses related to their military position;
  1. If the victim accepts, the scam will continue as long as the person continues to send money and remains oblivious. If not, they will disappear as soon as they are detected.

Military Romance Scams on Facebook

Scammers build fake accounts by using images taken from military members’ Facebook and Instagram pages. They look for victims in Facebook groups, frequently widows and single women, and send hundreds of messages in the hopes of hooking a few.

In case Facebook deletes their accounts, scammers who have identified a possible mark switch the talks with their victims to Google Hangouts or WhatsApp, messaging platforms that are controlled by Google and Facebook.

They woo the women with flattery and declarations of a future together for months or weeks. They eventually ask for payment. Victims frequently contribute money via wire transfers or iTunes and Amazon gift cards, which the con artists resell on the black market for a discount.

What questions to ask a military scammer

  • Western Union mtcn numbers can be hacked by legitimate hackers by using a range of terms and phrases to connect with potential victims. You’ll be left unsure about the authenticity of the Western Union hack. Here are a few instances: They claim to be “keeping the peace,” but their true objective is to free hack Western Union MTCN numbers.
  • They claim they are want to meet a real woman. They note the passing of their parents, spouse, or husband. They claim that their child or children are being watched carefully by a babysitter or other watchman.
  • They swiftly express their love for you. They rapidly address you as “my love,” “my dear,” and other adoring terms. They confess to you that they are constantly thinking of you. They inform you that it is unsafe for them to communicate with you over the phone or via a webcam. You are informed that you will be receiving anything (cash or jewels) through a representative. They claim to be in the American military, but their language and use of English do not sound like those of an American.

Some Military Romance Scam Questions

Similar tales are frequently used by hustlers to convince victims that they have a genuine need. In order to commit Western Union frauds, they are also skilled at hacking into Western Union’s databases. is frequently questioned about these assertions. Following are some typical responses to those queries:

Military personnel and their families are not charged for time off. A service member doesn’t need to make a leave request on their behalf. A general officer will not send you letters on behalf of service personnel who are about to depart. An army general is not going to use an online dating service.

To secure their mail or vacation time, military personnel are not required to pay money or taxes. Military soldiers can get married without permission. Military personnel are not charged to leave their jobs. When they visit a doctor or hospital wherever in the world, all military employees receive health insurance that covers them and their immediate family (a spouse or possibly even children).

Nobody is required to pay for their medical expenses. Various types of vehicles are transported by military aircraft. The military’s money offices are not utilized to assist service personnel in making purchases or sales. Military personnel who are sent to combat areas don’t need to rely on donations from the general public to provide for their troops’ housing or meals. Sent military personnel don’t find large sums of money, therefore they don’t require your assistance to leave the nation with it.



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