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What is Carding?
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Up on till now many people still don’t know about Carding so today for those people we are going to share everything in details about what is carding and how to do it without any problem. Carding latest Method also included. After learning you can able to shop products for FREE from online shopping sites, so let’s get started. Note, we have the Best CC Carding Method.

Some of you may have noticed posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp from individuals claiming to be selling carding products for discounts of 30% to 40% off their regular prices. What is the trade secret of this company? I’ll tell you every single detail here, whether it’s a scam or the actual deal.

First of all remember if you see any page or profile on Instagram or Facebook who introduce himself or herself as a ‘Carder’ and he will give you a premium device such as iPhone 13, Macbook, Galaxy S22 Ultra or something else at heavy discount they all are Ripper

What Is Carding?

Carding is a hacking technique whereby hackers exploit another person’s credit card information to make online purchases or withdrawals via online payment providers. Carding, to put it simply, is the theft of money via a credit or debit card.

Those who engage in carding activities are referred to as “carders.”

Try to avoid carding actions as they are very unlawful and you risk being apprehended by the authorities. However, if you must know how it operates for educational purposes, read this article through to the finish.

First try to do carding yourself but if you get failed all the time then you can try another site with same cc, but there are many reason of failure like, card have no balance, cc is dead, cc blocked, payment declined by bank, used old blacklisted BIN, and many others reason is there behind the scene of failure.

Best CC Carding Method

What are the Requirements for Carding?

Before i tell you the trick of carding, you need to know details about it’s requirements to understand better.

  • CC – Credit Card
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network
  • Socks5 – Port and Proxy
  • RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol
  • High Speed Internet
  • PC or Smartphone

Don’t get confused do not need all the things but cc and vpn or smartphone must be required if you don’t have pc then you can use your smartphone.

Now let me tell you what these all Cc,  VPN or Shocks5 , rdp, and how to choose them correctly. Know that Astradumps has the Best CC Carding Method.


What is cc?

Cc means Credit Card, you can get cc from many cc shop, you have to buy good balance cc with a good bin which can hit 2000$ easily.

Types of cc used in Carding:

  • Non VBV
  • Fullz
  • Amex

All three types of cc is good but not all work on everywhere, so before buying you have to know which cc should be work for you.

If you gonna buy some products through shopping site such as amazon, walmart, you can use Non vbv, for gift card buying, fullz is good, and for using small purchase in random sites then amex can be used.

Here you can checkout Best cc shop for carding.

What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network which let you access any site from any location, it will hide your real ip by using a random IP of the location you choose.

You can use any FREE VPN from playstore, or many vpn offer free trial for 7 days if you want, you can use them as trail, after end of trail just cancel the subscription, you will not be charged.

What is Socks5

Socks5 is a alternative of VPN, you can use this instead of VPN, it is more sucure than VPN, but you will not get Socks5 for free, some site offer premium socks at very suitable price for a limited time.

Connecting socks5 is little harder than VPN, as you need to connect Port and Proxy manually on your device. In my recommendation you can use VPN if you are a beginner.

How to Do Carding Full Guide Step by Step

Suppose you bought a live cc, VPN or Shocks and you also have a smartphone so now you can start carding. Before you start do clear data and history of your browser.

Firstly, you have to purchase a live cc (you can Buy Live working Cc from Our Store or you can use any other cc shop. You will need  BTC if you want to buy from shop. Checkout – Best trusted cc shop 2023

Buy Credit card CVV

After getting cc details, open and create a new gmail id with cc holder name

For example if cc owner name is ‘Hannah Parker’ then you can create a mail id which looks like [email protected]

Then download a VPN from playstore or buy shocks5 from any site and use firefox browser for using shocks5

Connect VPN or Dhocks5 with same country as cc owner address.

Like if you have united states cc then you have to connect vpn on united states or us shocks5

Affer connecting open for confirmation to check that the vpn or shocks is working or not.

If there is showing the same country where you connected then it mean its working.

Once vpn or shocks5 is connected then open the site where you want to do shopping through carding.

Create a new account with same name as cc owner name and use the gmail id which you created before.

Now carding main part will start so check your vpn or shocks is still connected or not before you begin to the next step. Looking fo a good online CC store to buy? Astra has the Best CC Carding Method online.

Main Steps of Carding for Best CC Carding Method

First search the product which you wish to buy and place it in cart section and leave from the account.

Now you have to wait upto 2 to 3 hour and during this time you can disconnect vpn or shocks.

After 3 hour connect vpn or shocks open cart section and click on buy now

Select ‘Credit Card’ as payment mode and enter cc details and billing address then click on next

Enter shipping address and billing address and click continue.

Finally check everything is correct or not then enter cvv and place the order

You will get order successfully placed message and order will be ship soon.

If order getting failed then cc maybe death or there is no balance in cc

In this case you have to buy another cc or if you bought from us, we will replace the card for free

So guys this the full process of carding, this is 100% updated working method  we have tried it and also bought many products but please note you have to do carefully

Here is More Easy Steps For Best CC Carding Method

  • Buy a live cc with cvv from any cc shop
  • Connect vpn with cc issued country
  • Open the shop where you want to purchase
  • Register a new account with cc owner info
  • Search and add product in card section
  • After two hour place the order with cc details
  • Order will be place instantly without any issue

Just follow these easy steps for carding and you will be become a carder, and you can earn a huge amount from this carding trick once you become a pro carder.

You also need to take high security during order because if case cc holder made complaint then you maybe caught by police so keep in mind above security tips.

Few Tips for Security During  Carding

    • Don’t order directly without using vpn or shocks
    • Use different address all the time you place new order
    • Try to use FAKe address near you but put calling number in shipping address
    • Don’t order more than 1k usd at once.
    • Select as gift someone for more safety
    • Don’t select fast delivery else order can be cancelled
    • Use non veeified by visa cc for best result

    Guys just remember don’t do much order at once as amazon may detect suspicion activity on your account and your account will be blocked.

    Use Fake address near you and mention a calling number so that during day of delivery, courier will call you and you can go to the fake address then take the product.

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