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CPN stands for a credit privacy number – it is essentially a nine-digit number that can be used in place of your Social Security number on credit documents. You can also sometimes see people referring to CPNs as secondary credit numbers (SCN) or credit profile numbers. People attempting to repair their credit may come upon a credit privacy number (CPN). Companies who sell these numbers promote them as a way to conceal bad credit or bankruptcy. Astra is the Best CPN Seller Online.

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Can you purchase a car using CPN? You CAN purchase a vehicle. You aren't allowed to exceed $100,000 though. And the reason is that most dealers would not agree to let you have a vehicle over $100,000 because it's a newly established number with no history.


A brand-new credit profile, a public records listing, a Credit Karma account, a credit score of 750, proof of income or employment, and rental verification are all included in the contemporary apartment package, which has a 24-hour turnaround. You are eligible for any rental package for a home or an apartment.


Get credit and financing for the corporate and personal needs of your firm. Access up to 50 lenders with approval in a single click. Rapid, instantaneous approvals. You can keep track of the status of your file and loan applications in real time thanks to the way our systems are set up.


There will always be ways to get around security measures, no matter how frequently a business or website updates them. Tradelines, CPN, and credit in general have all been around since the beginning of deception. Several strategies and choices exist for making money with CPN.

We show you how to properly create a CPN in both the legal and illegal ways, and CPN Numbers are free. CPN numbers are available for free, and many businesses that sell them are frauds. We offer legitimate services and are the top vendor for buying CPN. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.


There will always be ways to get around security measures, no matter how frequently a business or website updates them. Tradelines, CPN, and credit in general have all been around since the beginning of deception. Several strategies and choices exist for making money with CPN.

We show you how to properly create a CPN in both the legal and illegal ways, and CPN Numbers are free. CPN numbers are available for free, and many businesses that sell them are frauds. We offer legitimate services and are the top vendor for buying CPN. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.

Document Service

1. PayStubs: $100/$200 (3 Months History)

2. Bank Notes: $100 Each / $200 (3 Month History) … Depending on what bank pricing can go up as some templates are NOT easy.

3. Digital SS card: $120/12 hour or less delivery

4. Blank CPN: $250 w Digital SS card and 2 stubs.

5. Cpn number look up: $50

6. Public Records Registration: $150 

We offer overnight shipping for $50 for anything physical like an ID or Social Security card. The finest Tradelines to boost your score are AUs.


• Child Support
• Employment
• Background Checks
• Paying Taxes

CPN Package for Apartment Approval

1. Basic Package-$250
(48 hrs)
clean cpn trimerged to credit profile.
3 stubs w/ verification Experian credit validation

2. Silver Package-$450
(48 hrs)
clean cpn trimerged to credit profile.
3 stubs w/ verification Experian credit validation and digital social

3. Gold Package – $750
(48 hrs)
clean cpn; trimerged to create credit profile.
3 stubs w/verification. Digital ssc Digital ID. Experian Credit Validation

4. Platinum package- $950
(48 hrs)
clean cpn; trimerged to create credit profile; Digital DL .Digital SSC.
4 stubs w/verification


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Credit Privacy Number

Even if a company or website changes its security procedures, there will always be methods to circumvent them. CPN, Tradelines, and Credit in general are all things that have existed since the dawn of deception. There are several options and strategies for profiting from an exceptional CPN using CPN. Today, I’ll show you how to create a CPN, how to age a CPN, how to utilize a CPN in some of the best ways, how to get phones with a CPN, and much more! Despite the fact that I am aware that there is/will be a lot, please try your best to follow along as this is a thorough and useful instruction.


Blank or CPN Socks 5 (preferably RDP). email from a reputable source Phone Burner Depending on what you are doing with your CPN, there are now additional criteria, but I will address those as I go. In general, this is all you need to cash out CPNs or cash out using credit.  Best Vendor to buy CPN

How are blank CPNs created?

Since many people don’t even know what a CPN is, I’ll offer two techniques that will not only demonstrate how to make a blank CPN but also provide you with some helpful hints and pointers for doing so. CPN Manual #1 (use as educational guide) CPN Guide #2: (use this to generate a blank CPN). I suggest reading the two guides mentioned above before continuing to the rest of the tutorial if you are unfamiliar with. The truth is that there is no legitimate way to obtain a CPN because CPNs are not issued or recognized by any official government entity, we are the best vendor to buy cpn. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.

I won’t go into great depth about what a CPN is since, one, there are two very extensive tutorials above, and second, you should already be aware of what they are if you purchase a guide about dealing with CPN. I’ll now discuss a few of the possibilities you should think about even before constructing your CPN. Determine the intended use of your CPN before you even begin to create it so that you can make the necessary adjustments. We shall demonstrate the mythical genesis of credit privacy numbers for you. Or, you may just look for more information on the Department of Justice’s website. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online

For instance, if I’m going to use a CPN for a loan, I will obviously want to age the CPN, build credit, build public records, open bank accounts, etc. I want to take the CPN all the way instead of just using it to grab phones, because that would be much easier—you would simply need to obtain a credit card log and base the CPN on the owner of the credit card or bank log.

I’m only using these as examples to show why you should know what you want to use your CPN for before even generating it. Get a tradeline for the blank CPN you generated (in the name of the credit card holder), then get the reports for your victim, then place an order online. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.

Most people believe that having a strong credit score is the key to having a good CPN, but this is not entirely true. Instead, age is the most crucial factor, and anyone who has had success with CPN will tell you that you can put the best score and tradeline on a brand-new CPN.

Depending on the method, letting it sit for 30 days won’t be nearly as effective as a CPN that has been aged for 6 months with a 700 credit score. Age is crucial if you intend to use CPN for anything, such as loans, cars, houses, credit lines, etc. Now, before I go too much into detail, let me briefly discuss some of the various methods to benefit from CPNs.

They also told me, that banks “sniff out” fraud so that is why they are very good at making their CPNs appear totally real. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.


Now that you may utilize your CPN to obtain loans from almost anyplace, here are some advice and strategies to help you be successful.

There are three websites where you can find various banking apps and websites for loans: service

Always allow at least three to six months for your CPN to mature; this is crucial because it gives you time to establish your public records, credit score, history, inquiries, accounts, etc. Nobody will grant a loan to a CPN that is blank or has no credit history. When you Google someone, for instance, you might find their Facebook, YouTube, possibly a news item, etc. These are examples of public records. These are all open records that may be created by opening accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as by simply using the complete name, email address, and CPN information you used to be active. You want as much activity to be linked to the identity as feasible.

Obtain a minimum of 680 points, ideally 700. A good credit score is necessary if you want to be approved for loans or credit lines. There are several websites that may provide credit lines or loans to persons with inferior credit scores, but the payouts and restrictions are often minimal, and creating a CPN is time-consuming. Why invest all of your time and money on your CPN for such a low paying method? Don’t get too grumpy. Just because you’re eligible for a $50,000 loan doesn’t mean you should take it, it just means that’s what you can get. If you get too grumpy, you could end up screwing yourself (by getting locked accounts, receiving more difficult applications or approvals, having funds frozen, etc.). Never exceed 20k, and only if you have an Excellent CPN, is what I advise.

Although it may seem like a lot of work at first, building a blank CPN only takes about an hour. Once you get the hang of it, you can manufacture three to four of them on the same day and strengthen them all the same way for three months (90 days) even if you only receive approval for, say, two loans per CPN for $10,000 each application.

that’s potentially $60-$80k in work over the course of three months. NOT BEING LAZY Don’t be greedy with your CPN by expecting a 50k payout from a single application; instead, submit five applications for a payout of 10k. The best way to modify cpn pdf online · Add the cpn pdf for redacting. Click on the New Document option above, then drag and drop the document to the upload area. We have been doing this for a long period of time and we are known to be the best vendor to buy cpn.

Have three months’ worth of documentation available because you nearly always require at least two kinds of identification when applying for loans, typically a bank statement and an ID. I strongly advise acquiring digital copies of all of your CPN (DL/SSN), since you will almost certainly need them at some point. When applying for loans, these are normally the only three things you need make sure you have, but depending on the website, you can also require a voided check, a tax document, a power bill, etc.

Depending on the website or application, have a bank account with the same name (personal or commercial). In 99.9% of cases, THIS IS ESSENTIAL FOR LOANS. Don’t try applying for loans without using a batch with the same name if the name doesn’t match; most likely, the funds will be rejected, returned, frozen, or the account will be canceled.

Astradumps CPN Supply is the leading provider of tradelines and authorized user tradelines. They offer the best packages and services to help boost, we are known to be the best vendor to buy cpn.


Now, age isn’t actually all that important when buying, say, phones with CPN; all that’s needed is for your CPN to have a score of 700+ and to be old enough to have background knowledge. Simply fill out a bank application and check to see if any background inquiries are asked to simply confirm this for yourself. Since it is a CPN and there isn’t much information available, if they do, they’ll probably ask for extremely basic details, including your CPN’s (Previous Address), which should only contain one address. Such questions, such as what account did you open in 2016 (none clearly, it’s a new CPN), inform you when your CPN is old enough to start using your credit as payment. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.

CPN Numbers delivered in 4 hours, CPN Tradeline Packages, AU Tradelines and … that are assigned for you to use in place of your SSN when obtaining credit. if you need cpn kindly contact us the best vendor to buy cpn.

There are now two methods for completing phase 2. You have two options for making payments: either you can purchase a pre-paid card-either online or in person-and register it using your CPN name and details, OR you can base your CPN on the holder of a credit card or bank account. But you’ll need the payment information to coincide with your CPN information. Again, depending on how you receive your item(s), step 3 may vary. If you obtain your item(s) electronically, you most likely won’t need any supporting documents; instead, you will only need the victim’s credit report and background check to get around the verification features.

But if you want to pick up your item(s) in person, I advise purchasing a fake ID. If you’re unsure where to find one, I sell completely scannable IDs for $250 each, delivered within 10 to 21 days with tracking. Getting Cars, Houses, and Other Things with CPN \s1) Since all of them are covered in the previous two guidelines stated above, I won’t go into great detail about this one. But if you’re planning to use CPN to acquire any of these in 2022, I strongly advise you to. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.

CPN stands for a credit privacy number – it is essentially a nine-digit number that can be used in place of your Social Security number on credit documents. if you need one kindly contact us  the best vendor to buy cpn.

Take these actions.

  • Be at least 8 months to 1 year old.
  • 750+ Credit Score
  • Have pay stubs dating back at least six months.
  • Own a bank account or accounts.
  • Have documentation and a payment option in your name (digital & physical)
  • Never ever link any personal information to applications (such as an email address, phone number, or MMN).
  • Here are a few additional methods to make money with CPN:
  • Opening Merchant Accounts -Check Cashing (ATM and mobile)
    Request perks (rent relief, UI, Etc.)
  • Age and sell as a phony identity for a lot of money.
  • Start a business (a legitimate one or a bankruptcy filing)
  • Apply for shop cards, receive a credit limit, and then buy, sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of items. There are countless ways to profit from CPN; these are just a few to give you an idea of how you might cash out. -And much more once more. Buy CPN from Best CPN Seller Online.
Best CPN Seller Online
Best CPN Seller Online


1) There are a few methods for raising your CPN’s credit score, but you cannot rely solely on a tradeline to achieve a high enough score to use your CPN. Depending on what you’re doing, for instance, a loan, they may be able to see that you used a tradeline. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing or illegal, it will show them that YOU may not have good credit just whoever you piggybacked your credit from. Therefore, this isn’t always a reliable way to raise your score; you must manually (in at least one account) make payments or build credit.

Let me first provide you the sources for legitimate tradelines before I discuss techniques, websites, and ways to manually raise your score:

Tradeline Supply – (See the details below)

The reason you might want to use a site rather than hiring a vendor or doing it yourself is that these sites manage to legally procure people who are willing to allow them to use their bank accounts for trade-lines, meaning that once you get the score it will almost certainly stay there as opposed to doing it with hacked bank logs, which I’ll explain more about below, where the victim may discover and then contact the bank to have you removed.

In order to apply a tradeline on your own once more, all you need is a compromised CVV log. You don’t even need the cardholder’s information; you can use a bank log instead if the person has a credit card account attached. For instance, a typical bank account only has checking and savings, but if they have a credit card account attached, it may say checking Acc…9837.

Keeping Acc. 8235

Card Debit 9872 Card Credit 8732

You get the concept, but the log must be accessible, have credit card functionality enabled, and not just be a standard bank log.

Once you have your credit card log, click on any of the credit card accounts and search for the “Add Authorized User” option. If you cannot find it, simply search for “Authorized User” for that particular bank on Google, and you should be able to find instructions very quickly if it is an option available for that bank.

When you select the option, a Name prompt will appear. Name, DOB, and SSN.

When the card arrives, you can choose to either attempt to drain the account, which would almost probably result in the account being closed or ruining the tradeline, or you can choose to do this to erase credit card logs. If you don’t care about the trade line, you can utilize this method to have the card delivered to your home, then use it to make purchases in-person, online, with Apple Pay, etc.

But if you’re using the card for a trade-line, I don’t even advise using it; instead, just order it to your drop and activate it when you’re ready to cash out with your CPN. Yes, it can be profitable, but in all likelihood, you’ll only get a few hundred dollars off before the victim notices as retaliation, whereas if you had just kept the tradeline, you could have made several thousand.

Up to 30 days may pass after you successfully enrolled your CPN as an authorized user before the score / report is available accounts on your credit report to reflect. It’s crucial that you avoid attempting to drain the bank log in any way because doing so could alert the bank or the victim that anything is amiss, thus deleting the trade-line from your CPN.

There is no hard procedure; all that is required is that you provide 3-4 pieces of information in the CC settings and wait 30 days for everything to take effect. Be sure to destroy all communications pertaining to the addition of authorized users, sending or activating of any cards, etc. The tricky thing is doing it all covertly so the victim won’t have you removed as an approved user.

There’s been a lot of interest in this lately so thought I’d make a master thread on it. For the noobs, CPN = credit privacy number (aka synthetic identities). It’s a relatively lengthy cashout period, not for short attention spans. But the advantage of CPNs as opposed to using fullz to get CCs or finance things is you control the identity entirely. Higher success rates, and less risk. A lot of fraudsters are doing very well with this. I’ll give everybody who contributes to this thread in a meaningful way a “vetted” flair.

We are the best vendor to buy cpn, contact us today.


ANSWERS ? ( Best Vendor to buy CPN )

I wrote a fucking book in comments and took so long i got logged out of dread. This is the cliff notes.

MAKING CPN work out first 5 for proper state and year of birth.

Randomized numbers get a note added to report that they were made after 2011. This is probably not helpful

Validating number Using ssn validator checks death index only. A live child with a social still has records of it, you can’t assume that no companies check this info too.


Use digital mailboxes like requires id and proof of citizenship. $7 and up monthly to get a mailing address. They will scan your mail to you and forward what is necessary. Before you Tri-merge, this is some of the info you will use:

CPN Employment:

Your employment will always be Management If you do not have a valid employer to use, and your income will always be between $55,000 and $85,000 per year for trimerging. For length of time at employment, put 5 years, 5 months. Same goes for length of time at your residence.

Tri-merge Housing:

You can rent or own and your payments or rent will always be $500 per month and you will have lived there for at least 5 years 5 months. You can slightly change the amount of your housing payments if you like, but I wouldn’t go too far over $600 or go under $450.

TRIMERGE YOUR NUMBER just fill it out, and hit submit – Does not matter what you put as long as the CPN information is in there! After this is done – you MUST wait 72 hours (3 DAYS) to do anything .

Go to and fill out the “GET APPROVED” Application. Go to E*TRADE and open up a Personal Checking account – This gives you a bank account that you can use freely to pay anything you do with your CPN. and fill out the application – There is a $25.00 fee – this will report up to two years of rental history on your profile. They will give you a $2500

They will give you a $5000 limit has one time fee.

By now you can set up credit karma or whatever similar site you like.

Making your profile look real. Lenders are getting wise to cpns.

1) Get a prepaid phone through either Verizon or ATT. CALL them to register it.

2) Go to and register your CPN Address, your Prepaid phone number and email

3) Go to your local grocery store and sign up for their club card.

4) Sign up for these magazines: Time, National Enquirer, Esquire and such

5) Get a hunting and/or fishing license.

You get the idea of what types of things to sign up for.

Now your CPN is ready for tradelines.

Go to and apply.
After you have made your FIRST payment on your Kohls card, and/or your primary trade lines have posted, apply for Fingerhut, Capital One,
Credit One, Discover. Space it out. Don’t do it all in one day. Every few weeks or once a month. Don’t rush it.

Pro tip = register businesses with CPN. It’s possible to obtain ein from irs without a social. It’s not common knowledge but clearnet. This will open a whole new world.

These nuggets are free. I have 300+ page guide (compilation) of (secret) sauce to dip them in. Do not misconstrue this as advertising. My heart is in the right place.

You need to find SSN number for either a child or one that hasn’t been reported yet since 2014. There are SSN links and info somewhere on the forums if you search. Basically the first thing you need to do is read up about SSN format then find your own SSN to use for child 1-8 years old via

I’m not sure of tradelines or primary yet, I’ve only been doing this 100% natty for a month now building up profiles. No fake employment history comes with it lol you need to get crafty to get around this part or find someone who can do scans for you.

Hope this steers you in the right direction.

how do you create/make/buy a CPN number ????? Ive seen websites selling them and people on IG, but I dont wanna get scammed, so I rather make my own.

also how do you register it with creditkarma?

What is a good place to buy CPN numbers and tradelines ? AU tradelines or primary ??

How long does it take yall from when yall get fresh CPNs to cashout day on average? Someone told me he usually would cash out within 1-2 months, someone else told me 4 months.

Do CPNs also come with fake employment history ?? How do you deal with employment verification to get approved for loans?

Is it as simple as 1. get cpn 2. add AU/primary tradelines 3. Let time work for you 4. Once your credit score is way up go shopping 5. $$$$$$$$ ???

having parents who worked for the usps all their lives, the best way for something like that to work is to submit a Forwarding Mail request to that address from an existing address. You need two forms of ID (can be fake) to forward mail. If you do it online, you need a credit card and DL number (must be working). If no one submits a Forwarding request, then the usps knows the house remains vacant, and will either return the mail to sender, or will start examining the mail closely and/or opening it. And most/all real estate companies advertise their Sold properties on the sign for a few weeks before taking it down.


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