You are currently viewing Dumps 101 vs Dump 201 – What is the best Dump to buy?

Dumps 101 vs Dump 201 – What is the best Dump to buy?

Dumps 101 vs Dump 201 – What is the best Dump to buy?

Dumps are of two basic types dumps 101 and dumps 201. What is the difference. The difference in the presence or absence of the chip in the card itself. A 201 card has a greater degree of protection, so for beginners it is recommended to buy dumps 101 at the beginning of their career. Although more experienced carders use both. If you work in Europe, you definitely need to buy 101 dumps. There are a lot of stores in the USA where outdated equipment and carders use it. If you know that in store is old POS you can buy any dumps.

I am often asked questions – what do you have for the USA? I want to immediately answer for everyone that the USA is a very big country, I have not traveled all over the country with shopping and I cannot know which dump in which state and how it works, the same thing around the world. There are cases I am told to sell the dump for India, Japan and so on, as if I keep records and statistics, where some dumps work, gentlemen, but be smarter.

There are cases asking for a test, suppose I gave you a test, you didn’t pass, for example, because the region is blocked, there are no funds or you don’t know how to use dumps, that now I don’t have a valid base? Of course not, but many people conclude that if they didn’t pass, then this vendor probably has bad dumps. And people often ask for a test, if they give it to a test, then there are so many willing to abuse it, which is not counted. Not any tests, buy dump and test how much as you want. You can change the nickname then hit the ICQ again and ask again for a test, all the dump salesmen will then go bankrupt, and those who want to appear and modernize more and more if you start this service. And there is no need for these banal phrases if the test passes with a bang I will buy a lot of dumps, this is understandable. There was a case when one beggar registered 12 ICQ accounts, we calculated it by the IP. He just did not want to buy dumps.

There are cases, people say sell the dump at its discretion, I basically do not take such responsibility, I will give you, the dump will not work for you, the blame will fall on me, then I will endlessly make you a replacement?
I would also like to tell you one very important point, if you are buying dumps of the US, firstly, do not check, and secondly, try to make the first transaction not large. I’ll tell you by example, I used one bank of a certain bin, this bin gave immediately $ 800, and then began to give no more than $ 300. Then I began to use another bin, he also did not give $ 800 for a long time, and then at a time it was impossible to make a transaction of more than $ 300. So I also continued to work with this bin, but only it gave about $ 1,200 (maybe more) but with several transactions, for example 4 times $ 300 each. Often there are cases when you yourself kill the dumps, when it adds a limit on one transaction, it gives out code 05 or 01. Then you run to change the dump, and you have a bad impression about the dumps about the vendor and so on.

I would also like to point out such a moment that it happens that 2 neighboring states work absolutely differently,

I would like to add that it happens that the classic lives for 5-7 days, and stably gives $ 1000 a day, and it happens that the world is empty or dies after the first transaction.  So now you have an idea of what dumps to buy. Good luck!


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