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Gas pump skimmer Available

Gas Pump Skimmer is a device that is able to Steal T1/T2 and also Timestamps when data was taken. There are device versions of this Device. The Internal is recommended for those who are quite familiar with connecting Cables to the right place. External is recommended for those who are still novice to receiving Card Data

GSM and Power Supply from the GAS pump means, you never need come back to the GAS pump. Put it once inside the GAS pump and just receive data, everywhere you want. GAS pump skimmer available. All data is timestamped by time, seconds, day, month, and year. Reads both –bidirectional swipes (this means the skimmer will read cards when they go in and also when they are pulled out. The button to power on and off the skimmer is at the backside.

Contains a red LED to show when it reads and gives errors on the skimmer. Comes with a full manual included in the package.

About Gas Pump Skimmers and Simmers

They are easy to operate and therefore can be manually operated with a lithium-ion battery. In the end, the gas pump skimmers do not require gas, and they are either manually operated or lithium-ion battery. On the other end, gas pump skimmers have a pushing gasward button and cause less effort to power up.

Gas pump simmers are the second option, and they are less portable. On the other hand, gas-powered skimmers are generally more portable and on a budgetary level.

Gas pump skimmers, also known as gas-powered skimmers, are electric and can be used for swimming pool water, as they are less likely to be used in electric floating pools. On the other hand, Gas pump skimmers or electric gas pump skimmers are most commonly used for floating in large floating pools, or above the water, and may be used with electric. In pumping skimmers or electric gas pump skimmers are most commonly used for floating on the floating pools or above the pool, and they may also be used as electric-powered skimmers for floating to large pools, such as electric water skimmers or electric pool skimmers.

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You can find different types of gas pump skimmers in our shop , such as gas engine skimmers and electric pump skimmers available, you can find the all in one of the different types of gas pump skimmers to buy. On the other hand, gas pump skimmers vary in terms of sizes and functionalities, they can be divided into three types: gas pump skimmers available, electric pump skimmers available, and self-propelled gas pump skimmers. They vary in terms of designs and many functions, among them, self-propelled gas pump skimmers available, and electric pump skimmers available from one to two types of electric pump skimmers.

Warranty information

This product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. We will, without charge, repair or replace at our option, any device returned for warranty work and found to be defective by us.


This item is only to be used legally. Please research local regulations before making a purchase.

The purchaser acknowledges that none of our products are intended for use in any unlawful activity and agrees to use due care in using, distributing, and preventing the use of these products for any illegal activity.

If we know or have reason to believe that our items will be used for illegal activities, we will not sell them and we will not do so. Please review the terms and conditions in their entirety.


GAS PUMP Skimming Full Kit – $1200 USD. GAS pump skimmer available


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