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How to find items on eBay to dropship

How to find items on eBay to dropship

This is am updated method to find items on eBay to dropship

Disclaimer: I am not a guru on this topic: Please do not send me PM with questions about dropshipp. If you have one: Ask here and I will answer. PMs regarding this specific thread will be ignored.

What you need

Watch count
Aliexpress Account
Ebay Account

How the dropshipp model works

Let’s say for example that I want to sell a keyboard on eBay; but I want to know which type of keyword are selling the best – I will simply visit Watchcount when we there; We will write ‘Keyboard’ on search

Great! Now I have just found out that this type of keyboard is one of the top 3 keyboards that being sold on the platform. It’s time to research on Amazon for the same type of keyboard.

Let’s click on the title and check how many sales this specific seller made

As we can see the seller is made more than 5K Sales which means. Now we want to find a lookalike item or the same item on Aliexpress we will simply copy the seller Tittle and insert on Aliexpress search engine.

I find a similar product on Aliexpress; Now all I have is just copy the listing information and take the Seller keywords – If we will have just 1% a month from his keyboard listing revenue we can make some bank. $

  • Keyboard costs: 9.24$
  • eBay & Gaypal Fees: 15%
  • Costs after Fees: 10.62$

So, it will cost us 10.62$ In total to send this keyboard to our client. The Current seller who sold 5K pieces selling it for 13.89$. We will sell the keyboard for 13.75$ ; Each sale will bring 3.13$ of pure profit to our skinny pocket.

3.13$ Are small profit – and you should him for 10X than this. The Idea of this dropshipp Tutorial is to explain to you how to research for profitable items. If you will invest enough time In products research – you will VERY much bigger margins than the one that I show in here.


  • Your goal is to get your keyboard listing on eBay on page 1 – before the Actual seller that we got the idea for our keyboard. Our chances to get in there are VERY achievable, why? : We sell it at a better price than the original seller. eBay wants to provide his customers with the best prices that they can get. However: If you are a new seller without feedbacks and sales history: They will make it 3X Harder on you. but you can always sell cheap items for 0.99$ and build your account from 0. It can be done with minimal work.
  • You can use Pinterest / Quora / Social Media to drive traffic to your listing, eBay love traffic outside of their marketplace and it can help to push your listing higher in SERPs engine.


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