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How to invest in bitcoin and make money

Peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace LocalBitcoins suffered a hack this week that resulted in the distribution of malware and a loss of customer funds.

Affected users will be granted refunds after taking steps to address security vulnerabilities, according to the company.

LocalBitcoins vice president Nikolaus Kangas acknowledged the hack on 27th January in a forum post, outlining how the intrusion took place through its LiveChat account, with an estimated 17 BTC lost from customer wallets.

The bitcoin marketplace has experienced security-related problems before, including an incident last year when a hacker gained access to its servers for a brief period of time, though according to LocalBitcoins no customer data was lost. Customers have also reported running afoul of fraudulent users in the past.

Kangas told CoinDesk that he believed the hackers used an unknown kind of malware that was able to bypass existing security measures, and took personal responsibility for the LiveChat intrusion.


He explained:

“The attacker used that LiveChat access to spread some kind of Windows executable, which probably was some new kind of keylogger software which is not yet detected by virus protection mechanisms. If the user got that executable installed, with some social engineering, the attacker managed to get access to different accounts of those victims.”

Customer postings on LocalBitcoins suggest that at least one user reportedly lost funds through other bitcoin-related accounts, but that user later reported that discussions with the company were underway on a possible solution.

Verified Tips to Make Money with Bitcoin

Lending Bitcoin

Many people use Bitcoin lending as a means of generating income. As it enables them to earn interest, lending bitcoin on various platforms is a highly popular technique for investors to gain quick cash. When offering Bitcoin to individuals, shareholders typically apply interest, and they do so in accordance with the terms of the agreement. They will therefore receive substantial interest when lending Bitcoin as a result. Additionally, consumers have the option of lending Bitcoin in both the short and long terms, depending on their plan.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is another great way for investors to earn some money. This strategy can provide significant profits if applied properly. One of the most common ways to acquire Bitcoin is through bitcoin mining, which necessitates the use of powerful computers and the resolution of some extremely challenging mathematical puzzles. Mining used to be lot simpler in the past. Even though their computers didn’t have the most powerful hard drives, people would typically utilize their own computers to mine a lot of BTC.

However, as time went on, things became more challenging, and mining BTC now requires considerable work. They can make some nice Bitcoin after deciphering codes and tackling challenging mathematical tasks. Additionally, you require more than simply a standard home computer. In truth, mining BTC requires some of the greatest machinery. You will have to spend a few thousand dollars to buy this equipment.

Because of this, using this method requires commitment and the willingness to invest in high-quality, powerful equipment. Additionally, the fact that you will have competition makes it more difficult.

To have a chance, though, you can join mining clouds or mining pools. You can connect to the computing power of the cloud by using mining clouds. It’s a terrific method because neither the associated software nor the hardware will need to be installed on your computer. Additionally, you won’t need to run it.

Meanwhile, mining pools are groups of miners who use their computing power in combination in order to quickly solve mathematical problems.

Bitcoin Faucet Websites

Making money with Bitcoin through faucet websites is another option. There won’t be any problems because there are several faucet websites to pick from. Making the money itself is also not that tough.

Choosing a Bitcoin faucet website is the first step, which enables you to earn money or Bitcoin in the form of points. Additionally, in order to profit, all the duties must be completed every day. These faucet websites offer activities like Captcha and Pay to Click, among others.

Bitcoin Trading

Those interested in long-term investing should consider trading. To do this, you need to be aware of how volatile the Bitcoin market is, and to take advantage of that. However, bear in mind that it also takes someone with a lot of knowledge and experience in the market to be able to trade. If you don’t fulfill the criteria, you should leave trading aside for the moment.

Trading Bitcoin comes in multiple types. Arbitrage is one of the options. With this method, traders usually look for different opportunities to make money on various platforms. Then, they buy Bitcoin from one exchange and sell it to another for an increased price.

Day trading is another Bitcoin trading type, and it mostly involves quick trades and short ones. Therefore, this is a way to make some small profits pretty quickly. Traders do it by analyzing the market very carefully, and as soon as they see small chances, they capitalize in order to make a small profit. They can have a significant cumulative gain when the session ends.

Swing trading is also a method used by traders. Think about it like this: day trading is short-term, whereas holding is long-term. Swing trading is kind of in the middle. Swing traders purchase low and they wait to see whether the holding price grows. If it does, they sell it high.

Bitcoin Buying

Another way to make money using Bitcoin is by buying and holding it. This is one of the easiest methods out there, and it is also very suitable for beginners. What you need to do first is get a Bitcoin wallet and purchase some BTC. Then, hold it and wait to see if the price grows in the future. Don’t worry – even if it takes too long, you should still wait until the opportunity arises. Afterward, you could just sell it.

Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing brings a profit by getting family and friends into the business. A lot of people consider this method because it’s pretty easy to use and convenient, so you will likely see it quite often in this industry. Affiliate marketing is a way to bring some new customers in. However, make sure to study every single incentive in the market and decide which one to invest in.

Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

Bitcoin is gaining more and more traction as time goes by, and a lot of businesses are accepting it as a form of payment. If you have a business yourself, you can do the same.

Bitcoin is expanding and it might be quite helpful to own it in the future. Not to mention that it will give you more reach, and ensure that the payment process is much faster. It’s not even difficult to add this payment method on your website. If you can’t do it on your own, an IT specialist can certainly do it for you. Once you add this payment option, customers can just send you the money using your Bitcoin wallet. You can keep it there until you see the currency increasing.

Bitcoin Tips

Tips in Bitcoin are becoming a thing too. If someone wants to reward you, they can tip you in Bitcoin. Bitfortip is one of the platforms that allow people to tip in Bitcoin.

Steps to Improves Bitcoin insecurities

Three users were identified by the company as having lost money as a result of the hack. According to reports, the fraudulent withdrawals may have occurred due to a lack of two-factor authentication, therefore LocalBitcoins recommended clients to make sure they were utilizing this security step to safeguard their accounts.

Kangas noted that knowledge about the LiveChat hack was spread quite rapidly thanks to the combined efforts of LocalBitcoins staff and users of the website, noting:

“Due to fast actions by the Localbitcoins support staff and community, the impact of the attack remained limited. The amount of users affected was fairly low due to general awareness of the users.”

The incident, according to Kangas, is an example of the costs and difficulties of engaging in a digital economy, and the company is considering how to strengthen internal security processes to prevent similar situations in the future.

The question of how to make such attacks equally costly for the attackers is not only one for bitcoin users, but for all Internet services and users in general, he said.

Since LocalBitcoins doesn’t ask for personal information while conducting deals, it differs from the majority of exchanges.

Unlike other exchanges, which require ID verification and personal information, Local Bitcoins allows you to buy bitcoin without connecting your name to the bitcoin you’re buying.