Turn on the device, and it will automatically scan all available ATM/POS devices in range, and start receiving the data. Device has two led lights – Red and Green.

  • Red – Device needs to charge.
  • Flashing Red – Device can work for more 30 – 40 minutes, afterwards it needs to be recharged by usb charger.
  • To extract data from the mounted device, connect with your phone, tablet or laptop bluetooth to download the information.
  • Green and Red – Device is working.
  • Flashing Green – Device is connecting.

Full user manual with instructions is included with the package.


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  1. Are Skimmers Illegal Products? Illegal activity includes: committing fraud, reading information without the owner’s consent, or other unlawful activity.
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  • GSM Data Receiver – The main skimmer device to steal the credit-card information.
  • Attachable Anthena – Strong anthena to boost the range of the device to 50 meters.
  • Data Software – Software to retrieve and convert data from encrypted data to plain-text format *.txt
  • x100 Blank Cards – Free 100 Blank Credit Cards
  • User Manual – Manual containing detailed instructions of how to use the device.



ATM Skimming without any physical contact. This skimmer will work without any physical connection to ATM/POS Machine. This product is our best-seller, and is most popular credit card skimming device Worldwide.

GSM Data Receiver is a GSM module receiver which with the help of special software clones and receives all credit card information from ATM`s and POS terminals. The received information is stored in the built-in memory, and can be downloaded by your phone or laptop.

To collect this information, you just need to connect the device to your computer or mobile device and the device will send the data to your computer, with the help of the software V22.3.4. GSM data receiver is small & you can easily hide it in your bag, clothes, pocket, or in your car – near the POS/ATM terminal.


  • Device is wireless and comes with an antenna, which can receive data in radius of 50 meters.
  • Device is extremely compact, being size 5×4 centimeters in size, and antenna length of 17 centimeters.
  • Device uses 3.7V 2500mAh batteries, which can work up to 8-10 hours with one charging.
  • Device has a built-in memory of 32gb, it can store up to 100000 credit cards details with pin codes.