A tipping moment eventually occurs when you have heard all the stories you need to believe that genuine carding is the most risky and unstable security topic. We are all being pulled in different directions. This article’s major goal is to caution you against even the smallest punctures and provide clear guidance on how to act in odd circumstances. TIPS FOR CARDING SAFETY

1. First, you need to choose a country, because it is dangerous where you live where you live, but matrial works fine. Choose a country carefully, it must be high-tech and not of the third world. It is not advisable to go shopping in Bangladesh or Iran.

2. There should be at least a way out of the country. Usually they fly there by plane, and get back by sea. On the plane and customs tougher and all sorts of high-tech checks more. Take a hotel or a passport scan made at home on fake data or by any means try not to show your real ID. If you settle down on a copy, argue that you are in a foreign country and have handed over your passport to your travel agent, because you are afraid of losing. Stay exclusively in low-cost motels, it’s easier there. Change motel once a week. Well and, of course, we are not a cardim in which the motel was settled.

3. We buy dumps. Everyone says that the dumps of Europe are better, we will not ask, but the American dumps work just as well, of course it depends a lot on the country, that is, the region lock of the country where you are going to shop is a lot. Here you can not guess. For successful and fruitful work it is better to take VISA / MC CORPORATE / GOLD and MC WORLD, this material has always worked properly and will work. I advise you to keep statistics on what limits on the card. In most cases, GOLD / CORPORATE is given to withdraw $ 500 abroad, but this is not always the case. So try it. MC WORLD and INFINITY dumps – have no limitations at all.

4. Find plastic or make them yourself. If you have a printer and embosser, then even better, use them. If not, then we find payroll-type plastic so that the actual card number is not stamped on the card, but there are 4 digits with the name of the card holder. This option is what you need. If possible, look for plastic, which has not yet expired.

5. On VISA we write a dump of VISA, on MASTERCARD it is a natural MASTERCARD. Trifle, but you can confuse.

6. Choose a store. It should be at least a couple of three kilometers from the place where you live, the seller should be, if possible – a woman, easier with them.

7. If you are with a partner, leave him on the street and let him come later after some time pretending that he does not know you, if a non-standard situation arises, he will be able to pay for you, saying, for example, that you live in the same hotel. Here at your discretion.

8. In your wallet you should ALWAYS have an amount equivalent to the purchase price. If any problems begin – ALWAYS PAY CASH and making a disgruntled appearance, leave quickly.

9. NEVER NERVOUS. Alternatively, you can stand around the POS imagine the sea or meet with a pleasant person. It will not work out right away, but try to hide your emotions. Smile Dress expensive, but not defiant. In your hands, wear something like a leather briefcase. Buy glasses with simple glasses. Points are credible. Speak a little and to the point.

10. Make expensive purchases.

Jewelry products require a special approach. She needs to feed. We go to the store, we are interested in decorations, we measure, we pretend that we really liked the product, speak more, and say that you do not have enough money now, as you are going on a tour / funeral / to the village to your grandfather and on arrival if you don’t forget to him back. In short, he does everything to be remembered. At the same time, ask if they accept cards and how far your wife will scold you that you have spent so much money. After 3-4 hours we go there again and quietly go out happy owner of gold jewelry. All jewelers love cash, so look at the situation. Be sure to bargain and ask for a discount.

11. Dear things and equipment. There are no problems with things at all. Pomer and bought. Choose stores where sellers are girls with whom you can have a nice chat and endear yourself. The stronger your contact with the seller, the less likely it is that he will not even look at the card. Do not go to megabrand boutiques like PRADA and LOUIS VUITTON. There the sellers are very well trained and attentive, as they work with foreigners.

Technique – here you have to be very careful, as people who sell equipment and computers – in most cases fully understand how to work with the card correctly. Look at the situation, and buy products up to $ 1000.

12. Universal rules. Always before you make a purchase, watch the cashier and see how he serves other customers; what pays attention when they pay by card. Try to buy something for a start, for $ 100, look at the process and work to the fullest. About cash in case of problems, it was described above. Never take all your plastic with you. Use 1 card per day for the day; the smaller the number of cards you use, the correspondingly less the likelihood of a problem situation. One card can live for a long time and give its limit per day. The more cards you start using, the more banks will trigger the alarm. Carry 2 cards and cash. One did not pass gave the other, the friend did not pass or fell, or if the seller really had problems, he became suspicious of something — he thrust cash to him and quickly left. Cash solves all problems – verified, but this is the most extreme way. If any problems begin – the most important thing is to pick up the card from the seller’s hands, just pick it up and pull it out. Never leave stuff. Look for stores where there is no electronic lock on the doors. Now these are very popular. Doors are locked from the console. Oh yes, never go to the same store twice. Even if the card is not blocked. Minimize the risks. In such countries where I worked VERY MUCH cameras, do not forget about the cap and glasses. Not sunscreen of course. Cap + glasses do not wear! Alternate. Change clothes often. Do not go every day in the same. In some cases, when buying, you require an ID, carry a printed copy of your passport with you, a fake, naturally, arguing that you are afraid of losing it and locked it in a safe in the room.

13. Non-standard situations arising at the time of purchase of things.

a) Out of money on the card, give another card or refuse / pay in cash. Here on the situation

b) The limit is exceeded – see item a)

c) The card was stolen, talking about the bank that issued the card and sinning that it is used abroad and the bank has blocked it. Pretty avny move and can understand. The main thing is not to worry, to take the card from the hands, then according to the situation. If you start a big problem, then quickly leave or give another card. The main thing is not to be nervous. And believe that this is a real card, this is your card, and our money is on it!

d) The numbers on the card and check do not converge. Usually they are not looked at all if the transaction has passed. The seller, believe is not less satisfied than you. He sold a lot of goods and expensive. But if suddenly it happened, we can say that this is possibly some kind of banking error and that the card is working in another country giving out another code. Surprise we shrug and promise to ring in the morning at the bank and find out the cause That is why we recommended using only payroll cards.

d) The painting does not converge. Say that yesterday you drank and sign again. When you say you drank. You usually sympathize!

13) In the room, unpacking, tear off all price tags, throw out all checks, and throw out the boxes and packages yourself, without leaving the cleaner.

14) Try not to card every kind of rides with Disneyland, that is, places where you will be more than 1 hour in an enclosed space.

15) In the evening, after a successful shopping, sit somewhere in the bar. Find bars where you pay yourself, bypassing the hands of the bartender. Argue that you trust your card to no one but yourself.

16) Do not go to the casino. In the casino, you can get cash out up to $ 500 without documents, or buy chips and play for a little loot. We do not recommend. There on 1 square. meter 3 or even 4 cameras.

17) Leave the country by other means of transport, in the place from where you depart by ship or leave by bus – do not cardinally, waste your own money! Customs, when you leave the country is amiable and affable. Take at least 35 kg of anasha. They don’t care. Will release.

And finally, in civilized countries, almost all phones accept credit cards. That is, insert a credit, call, the money is written off. So this is the most secure way to check the validity of cards.



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