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Updated Gift Card Carding Method – Latest Guide

Updated Gift Card Carding Method – Latest Guide

Gift Card Carding Method eGift Certificate – On the most basic level, it is a gift card purchased in a store and mailed to another person whom they wish to congratulate. He uses this card on websites where he makes purchases and enters the certificate code when paying.

What is necessary:

  • Mail (2 pcs.) The first to register in the shop and send eGift, the second to receive a gift card.
  • Credit Card – CC with CVV.
  • Account on the medium, if you will send the goods yourself (consider this option). That is, we need the address where we will send the goods purchased in the store.
  • Of course, you need a tunnel, Socks, VPN or Dedicated server. : It is desirable that the IP was clean.
  • Most importantly, you need a store where we will drive. Hint: we are interested in this phrase in the shop’s address – giftcertificates.php. GOOGLE in this case will give out shops that are made on bigcommerce.

The process:

When I found a shop and checked it by ratings (ALEXA, PR and other criteria), the next step would be to search for such a link on the site:

After that, usually two options will be offered: an electronic gift or a mail one, you need an electronic email.

Now it’s time to fill in the data for buying eGift:

The name of the cardholder, the address, the mail cardholder (the one that you have prepared for it), the name of the recipient of the gift and his mail – here, in our case, you must specify the name of the drop on the middle. Well, in the message write something to not leave empty. Be creative chtoli, Tipo you really buy someone a gift card.

Click next:

Here it is our map! Click Proceed.

Usually choose a guest

Payment information, prepare the cardholder data from the credit card:

The filled data (for an example):

Now an important detail – never click on PayPal, always choose Credit Card:

Enter credit card details:

If you did everything right and if the card is valid, you will see something like this:

Check for mail, which is specified as a cardholder mail:

Gift Card Carding Method

Теперь можно идти на почту и получать вещи! В моём случае, мне пришло вот такое письмо:

Gift Card Carding Method

In the attachment to the letter is a treasured gift card and most importantly – its number, save / write it yourself somewhere.

You do not need to redeem at once, and it is best of all on the time of America (if you hit the map in an American shop). I bought the goods from eGifta after a couple of hours, some advise to wait 6 hours or more, but it seems to me that this does not affect anything. A couple of hours is the usual reaction of a person who received a long-awaited gift card in his favorite shop.

Here again, we will need a clean tunnel / Socks and ideally if it is under the address in the middle, i.e. address to which the goods will be sent. Follow the links in the store, choose a different product (check it out) – imitate the behavior of an ordinary person. Make a purchase also through a guest, it is not necessary to register.

Chose what you want, added to the cart and click Proceed:

Gift Card Carding Method

Now the billing information is filled in on the drop at the address where the account is registered!

Choose the delivery quickly, in this case it is advantageous for us to get the goods to the destination as soon as possible, because we drive right into the drop.

Gift Card Carding Method

After billing the information and filling in all the fields you will be offered this:

Gift Card Carding Method

It is here that you need to enter the code of your e-Gift from the attachment. Click Apply!

That’s all, if you did everything correctly, you will receive a message about a successful order:

Gift Card Carding Method

Then everything is as usual. Wait for confirmation of payment, then track the tracking number and add the package to your personal account in the middle. Well, after her arrival at the warehouse, make out to your country at your drop.

What are the advantages of eGift?​​​​​​​

  • Gift cards are easier to drive in (although the antifraud system of the shop is more often blocked).
  • You buy the goods immediately to the address of the medium / drop, thus saving on the rerout, if you drove to the address of cardholder. It is not difficult.

Well, something like this happens and driving a gift card and its so-called redemption. I recommend to work in the direction of eGift, it is not necessary to look for shops with rags (although they are usually less protected and easier to drive in there), you can try different products.



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