CC Dumps Checking Method – Stop Killing your Cards

CC dumps checking method

You probably know that when you try to check almost all of these checkers, they die. But it’s also not a good idea to walk into a store with an unchecked card and see a message that says “Pick Up Card” on the POS. So, to keep from killing the dumps and to keep yourself safe, you need to check the dump in some way. I talked about the “call the bank” method in the post about the online checker. Today, I’ll tell you more about this and another way to check the dumps without killing them. But firstly, lets look at credit card dumps.

How CC Dumps Works

There are many ways in which a credit card dump might occur. One common method is skimming, in which an illegal card reader, sometimes hidden in a legitimate automated teller machine (ATM) or gas station pump, copies the data from a credit card. In other cases, cybercriminals are able to obtain a large number of card numbers at once, by compromising the computer systems of companies handling customer credit card information. For example, criminals might access thousands of retail customers’ credit card numbers by infecting the point-of-sale (POS) devices of a large retail chain.

Although measures such as personal information numbers (PINs) and security chips can help make this theft more difficult, hackers nonetheless continue to find new ways to exploit weaknesses in the electronic payments system in order to capture valuable credit card information. To profit from this theft, cybercriminals resell the credit card information on the black market. Alternatively, hackers could also use the information themselves in order to make unauthorized online purchases using stolen credit cards.

4 Reason Carders Check Dumps

  1. To minimize costs. (Carders must create fake id, print, and emboss a plastic card in accordance with the data dump so the shopkeeper may confirm and authenticate the carder’s use of the card.)
  2. To have a successful purchase in the store they targeted.
  3. To confirm the seller’s authenticity.
  4. To confirm that the card is active and usable.


Reasons Why Don’t Use Dump Checker:

  1. All complete track or dump checkers are really just another straightforward CVV checker. A straightforward CVV checker is one that only needs the card number and expiration date. (If visiting a dump costs $1, it is not worthwhile.)
  2. Virtually every online checker will eliminate the dump. This typically occurs because online checkers are linked to donation sites; therefore, while the card is being verified, it is also being used to make a purchase, and the card issuer will reject the transaction.
  3. Some checkers are linked with fake retailers. The difficulty here is that the card issuer typically puts the merchant on a blacklist, so when the card is checked, it will automatically expire.
  4. A dump checker is not any type of checker that requests the card number and expiration date.
  5. Some checkers simply steal dumps. Typically, these bogus checkers will reply with “05 Declined.” The checkers also ask for the entire track to be entered..
  6. There are only a few checkers which are not killing the dump. These kind of checkers are respectable in the carding world, which are using real merchants and change the merchants regularly to avoid getting merchants blacklisted. The problem with these checkers, they are usually closed circuit and in big private forums, which requires vouches from old existing members to register new account.
       Almost all of them are hidden in search engines.

Recommended CC Dumps Checking Method

“Call to Bank” method

Each bank has a toll free phone number which can be used for different purposes like balance check card lost report recent activity, transfer etc. You can use this number to make sure your dump is alive. And the Pick Up Card message won’t surprise you on the POS.

So here are the steps you have to follow to check the dumps. But this is not a track checker so it will only help you to know if your dumps is or not alive.

  1. Check the BIN using a BIN lookup service like or any other free service if you don’t know who issued the dump.
  2. Once you are aware of the bank issued your dump, use Google to search for the bank’s toll-free number. Call the bank using a virtual priv
  3. You will receive an automated response with a list of options when you phone the bank. You will see “To check your balance, hit X” in the options list. Go to the “balance check option” menu.
  4. Some banks will also ask for the expiration date after you’ve entered your card number. So, provide the dump card number and, if applicable, the expiration date.
  5. ate number supplier, like Skype. To contact the bank, you can also utilize a prepaid Sim phone number.
  6. You will receive an automated response with a list of options when you phone the bank. You will see “To check your balance, hit X” in the options list. choosing the “balance check option”
  7. After you will be asked to type you card number, some bank will request the expire date too. So type the card number of the dump and if is necessary the expire date.
  8. Now if your card is alive ,on this step it will be requested to you to type some security code (it can be last 4 of SSN or the PIN ,date of birth ,etc). If this happen mean that your dump is alive.
  9. AIf your dump is not real ,after you type the card number you will hear “Please re-enter your card number”. If the dump was used and is Pick Up Card,your call will be transfer to Anti-Fraud Departament…..time for you to end the call.
    At this point you know exactly if you have a real good to use dump, a fake dump or an used dump.
    But if you want to “play” , in case you have a good dump. You can move to next step which is Optional ,for fun or research
  10. So after you input the card number. You will have to input the security code (which ,as I said,can be last 4 of SSN, date of birth ,PIN ,etc)


The last four digits of your SSN must be typed in addition to four random digits. You will hear an error message such as “please re-enter your code” if the dump is still functional. Don’t enter the additional four digits because the card will typically be blocked if you do so three times. Of course, you’re lucky if what you have is a dump with a pin and the bank asks for the PIN as security. You must enter your PIN and listen to your balance. This method is universal; if any of you have any further observations concerning a specific bank, feel free to post them in the comments.
Have fun checking!

Important Tips

  1. If you don’t want to use a Virtual Private Phone Number and chose to use a prepaid phone sim. Then not use your regular sim.Buy a new sim and use it only for this work,them remove it from your phone.
  2. If you are living in let’s say China and you intend to check a dump issued by a bank from USA . Then you can’t use a prepaid sim card so you need a Virtual Private Phone Number.
  3. Even a free Virtual Phone Number will work.
  4. This method is not a full track 2 checking method so make sure you bought your dumps from a trusted person. Because if the dump is generated from a good alive cvv ,the dump will still be delcined in POS.

If the Call to Bank method is clear , I want to talk now about the second method on dumps checking, which is very simple and easy to use….

ATM checking Method

The ATM is almost every carder’s fantasy. Too bad dumps with pins are so hard to come by. However, even if you don’t have a dump with a pin, the ATM can still be helpful for every cardholder. It can assist you in checking your dumps, and even a better dumps checking method, a full track 2 checker is more effective than the Call to Bank method To check the dumps

How does it work

  1. Encode the dump on a plastic using the msr as you regular doing
  2. Walk to an ATM .
  3. Insert card in the ATM and wait for the message “Type your PIN”
  4. Type any aleatory 4 digit number as it would be the PIN then press “OK” or “CONFIRM”
  5. At this point ATM will request you to check from “Withdraw ,Check Balance,Transfer ,etc”
  6. Select withdraw and input any amount.Then press “OK/CONFIRM”
    At this point is the test.According with the ATM response you will know the status of your dump
    If on the ATM screen you will see “WRONG PIN. PLEASE RE-ENTER THE PIN NUMBER” mean that your dump is alive and good to use for in store carding.
    Now, If you will receive a message similar with “TRANSACTION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED” or,”TRANSACTION CANCELED. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ISSUER”. Then mean your dump is not real or is generated but also it can be because the dump is regional locked.


  • The dump was used if the ATM displays a notice along the lines of “SUSPECTED CARD,” “SUSPENDED CARD,” “RETAINED CARD.” and was reported as stolen or lost to the issuer. Additionally, you would have to explain to the POS cashier why it shows “Stolen card” if you attempted to use it for shopping.
  • In order to remove your card from the ATM, click “CANCEL.”
    and now. You can utilize your dump for in-store carding knowing with certainty whether it is alive and usable.



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