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Dumps with Pin vendor, Looking for Dumps selling site then welcome here, this is world’s largest cc, fullz, fresh CVV and Dumps + Pin selling site where you can buy dumps with pin online with physical plastic card or track1 and track2 data (Depended on your requirement) everything is available here for everyone Most of the cash lover searching on Google about how to buy dumps with pin online, best dumps shop, how to cashout from dumps, so if you are one of them then this article will help you a lot.

In this article i will tell you all of the FAQs related Dumps, and the best thing is that here you can also buy dumps with pin, without pin, physical plastic dump, we have all countries dumps like –

  • USA Dumps for sale
  • Australia Dumps for sale
  • New Zealand Dumps for sale
  • Brazil Dumps for sale
  • UK Dumps for sale
  • Germany Dumps for sale
  • Indian Dumps for sale
  • China Dumps for sale
  • Sri Lanka Dumps for sale
  • And many others top country dump available

Need country specific dumps or out if your country dumps, get all types of dump with pin and without pin

Dumps with pins Vendor
Dumps with pins Vendor

What is dumps with pin or what are dumps with pin

Buying dumps with pin is like purchasing a credit card that you can use at almost every shop and ATM all over the world. To start making profits from our quality products, first; you will need to know how to use Dumps with pins. If you are struggling to earn money, then in this underground dumps shop we will provide you with dumps track 1 and track 2 with a pin. 

NOTE: You can order directly from our shop and receive your order instantly after purchase through your specified email, however you can also indicate and specify what you need to our admin contact to also place your order. 


We are here to help you know how to get dumps with pins, how to buy dumps with pins online and how to use dumps with pin. But first, are dumps with pin real? Yes, they 100% authentic. Okay, so let us now know how to use them. When you buy our dumps, you will get a piece with both track 1 and track 2 or only track 2, which is more essential than track 1 plus a pin for it. When creating a new card, you will be required to write a single track 2.

For instance: 4117099678495167=198120111258492108.
With track 2, you will only need to write these numbers in order while writing
on the card.

You may wonder why track 2 alone –track 1 is still significant, but the majority of ATM where dumps are used do not necessarily need track 1. So, our dumps with pins for sales are of quality service to you because when you buy our dumps, you are assured of getting money quickly without any problems at all. Here you can find best dumps sellers for both track 1&2 dumps with pins.


There are a lot of dumps with pin vendors or dumps with pin shop online that sell dumps with pins and cvv (cvv1 and cvv2), but we will provide you with the best, updated and freshest dumps with pins that are assured to work. Our dumps are legit and fresh, and that will provide you with lots of enough cash.

We are best dumps with pin shop online, buy our dumps because we never fail. Cashing out dumps with pin can be accessible all over the World where Visa, AMEX, Discover, Master, and maestro are excepted. The best way to utilize our dumps is to first check the balance ATM before using it, and then you can use it in almost every shop and ATM.



You can buy 101 dumps with pin and enjoy the best experience. Dumps with pins –track 1 and track 2 are available in our shop hence you can place the order now. Why our services? –we are a team of professional programmers and carding creators, and we offer quality private services and sells of high balance dumps, credit cards (CVV) and banks hack transfers among many other services.

How to Buy Dumps with Pin Online for Cashout

We have cc writers that assist us in expanding this selling service; you may order dumps from us solely in exchange for live, genuine dumps with a pin. You may also purchase dumps from us anonymously without disclosing any personal information. 

Dumps price starting from 100$ and dumps with pin 150$ for one dump but if you 3 dump + pin then you will get at 300$ only which mean 150$ discount.

All dumps comes with preloaded usd minimum 1500$ and maximum 20,000$.

Do you know cashout process if you know then ok or if you don’t know then you can learn from this article for free of cost but if you want us to teach you personally then We will charge you 200$ for full guide.

Buy Instant money transfer

At Astradumps.com it is possible to make money while learning. Buy Bank, Western union, Venmo, Cashapp & Pay pal transfers to any country. Take advantage of the money transfer services we provide and fill your bank account with enough money to cover for all your bills and future plans / investments/ dreams. Keep the hope alive.

How to Cash Out Using Dumps with Pin

Many of our readers don’t know how to withdraw money from an ATM using dumps and a pin, therefore today I’ll go over the entire process so you may use dumps and a pin. Please read this carefully.

Anywhere Visa, Master, Discover, and American Express are accepted, you can use Dumps with Pin. You can also use Dumps + Pin practically everywhere there is an ATM or store.

Check your ATM balance before using dumps so you can quickly withdraw the full amount.

Many customers are experiencing issues while using the 201 Chip dumps, but there is a workaround; however, this method is proprietary, therefore you must pay for it.

Here i will share 202 process, what you have to do after buying dumps + pin from us, so without any delay lets get started and please remember you need to buy some physical card to write data on it

Requrements for Using Dumps + Pin

  • Laptop or PC
  • MSR (Magnetic Strip Reader)- you can buy from us
  • Preprinted magnetic strip cards
  • Embosser
  • Knowledge

If you already have the aforementioned five items, that’s OK; if not, you can purchase physical dumps (you don’t need to do anything).

Full Trick to Write Dumps Data on Card

Please read the following instructions completely without skipping a word or you won’t be able to comprehend how a dump becomes prepared to swipe a card or how to write data on a card.

We’ll describe how a dump becomes a swipe-ready card in this article.

Encoding a dump into a magnetic card strip is simple, and purchasing all the required instruments online is also simple.

Everyone is familiar with the standard laptop or home computer and how to use it.

MSR, or Magnetic Strip Reader and Writer, is a tool used to read information from a card’s magnetic strip. Data is also encoded (written) into cards using this method.

To create clones of the original card, you must utilize MSR to write the dunps into the cards.

The magnetic strip cards with preprinted designs have the appearance of bank-issued cards. The issuer’s logo, hologram, and UV light security are all included on high-quality cards.

These cards, which must be embossed with the card number, expiration date, and holder name, are required for high-hitting carders such as apple stores, gold shops, etc.

The clone will look like the genuine card and the fraud will be very difficult to detect.

Some carder print the plastics by their own but preprinted plastic also can be bought.

The price of a pre printed plastic with UV light bypass, logo and hologram starts from $10 and can reach up to $30.

How to Convert Dumps Data to a Real Credit Card

The card details (card number, expiration date, and holder name) on the preprinted card are embossed using a machine called an embosser.

According to the embossing speed and quality, manual or automatic embossers range in price from $250 to $3,000.

Before the MSR can encode the dumps to the cards, the computer must have the MSR software installed on it and the machine must be linked to it by a data transfer wire.

So the card clone is ready for use with a preprinted card, embosser, and MSR.

Preprinted cards are embossed with the dumps details then the MSR is used to encode a dump to the magnetic strip of the card. And here you have the card ready to swipe.

Track 1 & 2 With pin, Dumps 101, 201 - ATM Skimmers - EMV Tools

We provide dumps with pin service codes 201 & 101. We also provide cash-out ready Plastic Dumps with Pin with free worldwide shipping for minimum order value. Dumps with Pin are sensitive data you should be aware of what to do with them, might else end in real bad position. All our payment transactions are secured with bitcoins P2P payments only. We offer high quality fresh Skimmed Dumps for sale both Track 1 and 2 with Pin.

Sell Dumps Us, Uk, Ca, Au, Eu— With Pin + without Pin, Track 1/2

Sell Cw Ce Cen : Us, Uk, Ca, Au, Eu Fresh + High Balance

All Country types Dumps Available

Va, Master , Amex , Deoveri Gold , Master Standart , Platinum , Bine Card , Cooperation Card , American Expre , Debit Card.
~ Dumps All Countries For Sale : Us, UK, CA, AU, EU, AA…

MSR606 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer Encoder Swipe Credit+20 Free Blank Cards

Chip Msr Card Skimmer Mer 200 Emv Mag Stripe Reader Writer Software MSR206

Prices of MSR available

~ MSR 206 + 2x CRM4I = $930

~ MSR 206 + 2x CRM42 = $870

~ MSR 206 + 2x MSR 500m (mini123) = $875

~ MSR 206 + 2x MSR 400 = $900

~ MSR 206 / MSR 300 = $550

~ MSR 206 / MSR 3000 = $730

– MSR 505 /TA-~ 48 = $640

– MSR 505 / MSR 300* = $500

~ MSR 505 / MSR 2000 = $550

How long it will take for me to receive order?

Shipping with FedEx, DHL, UPS or EMS. Shipping time from 2-7 days, but it depends on country where you are located. We ship worldwide to any country. Before you place order, we tell you estimated delivery.

Therefore, we have dumps with pins for:

  • USA ($)

DUMPS with pin Vendor PRICE LIST

MC Standard/Visa Classic = $120
Visa Gold, Platinum/MC Gold, Platinum = $150
MC Business, Corporate/Visa Business, Corporate = $100
Visa Purchasing, Signature/MC Purchasing, World = $100
Amex Platinum = $130
Discover = $145


Visa Classic/MC Standard = $125
MC Gold,Platinum/Visa Gold, Platinum = $125
Visa Business, Corporate/MC Business, Corporate = $135
MC Purchasing, World/Visa Purchasing, Signature = $160
Amex Platinum = $150

Visa Classic/MC Standard = $100
MC Gold,Platinum/Visa Gold, Platinum = $100
Visa Business, Corporate/MC Business, Corporate = $120
MC Purchasing, World/Visa Purchasing, Signature = $120


Visa Classic/MC Standard = $155
MC Gold, Platinum/Visa Gold, Platinum = 125
Visa Business, Corporate/MC Business, Corporate = $120
MC Purchasing, World/Visa Purchasing, Signature = $150
Amex Platinum = $170

MC Standard/Visa Classic = $125
Visa Gold, Platinum/MC Gold, Platinum = $110
MC Business, Corporate/Visa Business, Corporate = $120
Visa Purchasing, Signature/MC Purchasing, World = $150



Visa Infinite = $180
Amex Centurion = $200
Visa Black Card = $250


The cost of a dump is subject to alter depending on how many you need, but because our dumps especially are not subject to any kind of geographical control, they can be used at any point of sale in the world. There is NO REGIONAL BLOCK READING.

It should be stated as well that you can rest assured that High Balance Dumps have the ability to manage swipes of $2k–$3k at a time. Any High Balance Dumps that fall short of this range will be replaced at no additional cost to you.

Any defective cards may be reported within 24 hours of the transaction.

Additionally, you have the choice of substituting for 04/Hold-call, 41/Lost Card, 43/Stolen Card, 05/Do not honor, or 62/Regional Restriction. 

However, faulty High Balance Dumps are replaced with 15 minutes maximum.

We check the balance on the Dumps, so you never get a balance of less than 2000. Even if 1 Dumps will be dead, we guarantee to exchange it to live Dumps for free. Th option available only 24 hours after we send you Dumps.

Our PayPal money transfer is clean& Risk free

CC Price List

( Visa,Master) USA = 150$
USA ( Amex,Disc ) = 125$
VBV USA = 125$
Canada = 130$
UK = 130$
Australia = 130$
Italy = $125
Spain = $120
Denmark = $120
Sweden = $120
France = $115
Germany = $130
Norway = $115
Netherland = $125
China = $155
Japan = $145
Mexico = $125
Brazil = $150
South Africa = $150
Worldwide NON VBV/MCSC = $180




USA Fullz = $120
Canada Fullz = $175
UK Fullz = $150


And lots more. You can place an order or inquire if your country isn’t listed above.


You can also order quality plastic if

Strong Bins

Strong BINS: High-Value Swipes/Orders Capability.
Lowest Prices: Here you can get more cards for your cash.
Best Quality: This allows longer cash out and shopping without risk of declines.

Note 1: Our high balance dumps have the ability to handle swipes of $5k to $15k per time. If it fails to authorize within this range, then we can replace it for you.

Note 2: Our dumps can work in any region all over the world, and you can get an instant replacement. It has No Regional Control or Regional Block.

Note 3: We advise you know how to use the dumps you purchase, if you are still a novice and can’t write the dumps yourself, instead of wasting your money we advise you order an already cloned card which we have done visit this page for more details: https://astradumps.com/atm-hacking-guide/

Dumps with Pins necessities


Plastic refers to the white cards that many plastic vendors make to match your dump, meaning they will emboss your dump’s numbers as well as the desired name you want onto a blank (not-embossed card).

You’d be surprised at the quality of plastics; most cashiers can’t differentiate a fake from a real one (unless you have really low-quality plastic or the cashier is deep into this). Plastics are not necessary because you can encode any old card, they are just a lot more legit. This can also be a waste of money if you have dumps that die fast due to being obtained from a shady source.

101/201 DUMPS

What is the difference between 101 and 201 credit card dumps? Well, it’s very simple: 101 is swipe only and 201 is with chip. Now you’re going to ask, how you are going to pass a 201 chipped card without knowing the pin? Well, there are places for that, especially POS machines that swipe 201’s (meaning they don’t insert them). You will have to find spots on your own or simply buy quality dumps that work from us. Alright, now that you’ve learned the 3 different terms above, we will use throughout the guide, here starts the interesting stuff. There are a lot of ways to do instore carding but basically it comes out to this:

* Hitting it random

* Insider carding.


If you have an embosser, the sky is the limit. You can pretty much go anywhere because your card numbers match your track which is important because some POS systems have digit verification but more on that later on down below. If you are re-encoding old cards and do not have matching her buy it from us and tell us the last 4 digits that you need so that you will be able to give you the last 4, then you have 2 options. Option A) You can dump that you can use it with yours and use it on its own as well.


Option B, you need to make sure the POS system at the store you want to hit do not ask for the last 4 digit of the card. It’s trial and error. Most places in the US do not have verification until you hit a certain dollar amount.

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Final word from Dumps with Pin Vendor

So hope you understood everything about how to find a dumps with pin vendor & buy dumps with pin online, how to write dumps data into a card, how to cashout from dumps with pin

Hope you you enjoyed this page and helped you a lot to understand about dumps, if you still have any confusion then Contact us for more assistance

Contact Dumps with Pin Vendor

If you want to make any deal with us or if you need CC, Tools, VPN, socks or anything related Dumps cloned cards then feel free to contact us 


DO NOT BE A VICTIM. We have noticed the increasing numbers of fake users on various social media platforms posing to be ASTRADUMPS.COM Make sure you are contacting us via the links found on the Contact Page of this website. There are Fake telegram accounts/groups, WhatsApp numbers & Email addresses. To contact us with the right addresses kindly use the contact page on the official website ASTRADUMPS.COM. You Message us via the floating Contact icon on the website. MEANINGWHILE ENJOY A HAPPY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE WITH ASTRA.

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