You are currently viewing Gift Card to Bitcoin Cashout Method on Paxful – Updated Guide

Gift Card to Bitcoin Cashout Method on Paxful – Updated Guide

Gift Cards to Bitcoin Cashout Method on Paxful – Updated Guide

How do I redeem a gift card in bitcoin, cash or mobile money on Paxful?

Redeeming a gift card is very easy, but thanks to the machines, you just have to be sharp and wise because of vending rippers. The gift card to bitcoin cashout method 

Note: While gift cards on Paxful are sold with discounts there’s no way you’re going to get bitcoin equivalent to your gift card’s worth. Before heading to Paxful make sure your gift card is at hand and don’t try to be fool the system rules as this can get your account suspended.

Tools Needed for gift card to bitcoin Cashout Method

To get started you are going to need a few things.

  1. Paxful account, Registering Paxful account is free
  2. Smart Phone or PC
  3. Physicals Gift cards or e-gift card

Step by step guide on how to cashout gift cards to BTC or cash

1, Visit: Paxful: Register on Paxful: Click on the avatar and then “Create Account”

2, Buy Bitcoin Type the name of your gift card in the “Any payment method field” and select it. Gift cards you can redeem include Sephora, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart, Wayfair, Razer Gold, Dollar General, Best Buy, Vanilla, iTunes, Google Play, Visa, Amazon etc. There you’ll see available offers
Click on “Buy” to select any offer that you want.

You will need the Card Image & Cash/Card Purchase Receipt clearly snapped depending on the buyers terms of service for purchase prove.

3, Enter Amount you wanna buy Once you have this ready, search for trade criteria matching the card type and value you have for trade. Once you establish trade and the buyer is ready for the trade as well.

4, Click buy button Once the trade have been initiated a chat with trader will being initialized now Upload the Receipt first, then => *Thick I have paid immediately after uploading the receipt* then => Now upload the the card image.

5, Click I have paid button Why It is important to thick *I have Paid*: Vendors won’t be able to close or cancel trade to trade with another person once you mark *I have paid* but if you upload card first vendor might be faster than you especially when the network is bad to click I have paid and easily close the trade without paying you $0 dime for the trade.

Once you have duly completed the steps above, Wait for BTC credit Tone.

More so you can use Google search if in case paxful doesn’t have redeem for the card you need.

Example: Visit Google: Keyword: ”Dinners Card To BTC Exchange services”



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