You are currently viewing How to Bypass MeetMe Face Verification – Updated Method

How to Bypass MeetMe Face Verification – Updated Method

How to Bypass MeetMe Face Verification – Updated Method

Are you going to keep your photos from MeetMe? If so, bypass MeetMe face verification and get an verified badge to make your profile trustworthy.
MeetMe is a great place to meet new people, play games, get to know them, and build healthy relationships. Verification features are also there to thwart the existence of bots and many fake accounts to increase connection with real people.

When you verify, you get a verification badge, which encourages others to chat with you confidently. MeetMe uses FaceTec’s 3D selfie technology, and the primary aims are to keep bots at bay. Face ID verification does not completely stop fake accounts, thus, it’s possible to get around it and remain permanently verified.

Not so many ways are available for getting around MeetMe’s face ID. However, with the methods provided below, you should be able to bypass MeetMe face verification:

  1. Image spoofing

You can use pictures to spoof liveness and get around photo verification on MeetMe. You just need photocopies of any picture and make sure MeetMe’s liveness technology does not analyze the depth of the image. This method works simply by using an on-screen photo to trick the camera generated by Meet Me, the same way on Tinder.

If the face ID requests liveness procedures such as making movements, including blinking or winking, you need a dynamic photo spoofing trick to bypass the system.

You just need a tool like ManyCam to prerecord the facial movements, preventing the systems from recognizing the pre-recorded videos. With a tool like ManyCam, you can make dynamic spoofed images that will be injected into Meet Me when face ID is required.

  1. Spoof MeetMe system with a mask or mannequin

You can spoof the liveness system of Meet Me using various props you make from paper masks or even use mannequins.

You don’t use just any mask you come across though. You need silicone masks since they look realistic and are difficult for the system to detect. Just wear it on your face and try to make the expressions required.

  1. Bypass MeetMe using deepfakes

You can use deepfake technology to spoof or bypass MeetMe photo verification. Fortunately, you can create a deepfake at little to no cost with deepfake generators. You just have to face-swap with the face you want to get past the MeetMe facial verification. Some of the apps you can use include Zao, Deepfakes web, Wombo, and Reface.

You don’t even need to impersonate with deepfakes. You could use your face but then manipulate it to a different face or just swapping-in or simply edit the face to whatever you want to keep Meet Me from storing your real photos.

Usually, you make the deepfake videos with the tools mentioned earlier or their alternatives. After deep-faking, you inject the pre-recorded video for MeetMe facial system to mistake for your lively face.

  1. Verify MeetMe account manually

According to MeetMe, you can manually verify your account if you don’t want to go through the stress. Just send an email to with the name, country, and the email address you want to use for the account.


Unless you have other intentions, verifying your Meet Me account with your real face is always important for making sure you get matched with real people. Also, if your matches eventually discover that you’re physically different from what they see on your profile, this can get your account banned if reported.


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