You are currently viewing New Unlimited USA Bank drops/Accounts Method + How to Verify PayPal Account

New Unlimited USA Bank drops/Accounts Method + How to Verify PayPal Account

New Unlimited USA Bank drops/Accounts Method + How to Verify PayPal Account

This is a new method put together by our team. The guide shows how to create unlimited USA Bank drops

What is A bank Drop

A bank account that is held by a fraudster and used to transfer money stolen is known as “bank drops.”

Bank drops are created by fraudsters using fraudulent or stolen personal information. They want the account to appear as legitimate as possible so that the criminal activity can go unnoticed by the bank and the law.

Once they have done so, they use these accounts to transmit stolen money or to accept cash from money mules or their own laundering operations.

Things You Need:-*

  • A Valid Social Security Number (SSN) – Doesn’t matter if its not yours, we just need a Valid SSN. You can also use this 559-44-XXXX ,Replace ‘X’ with random numbers.
  • Lot of Netspend accounts – Not really a big deal creating NetSpend account.

Create as Many accounts depending upon how many bank accounts you need. Remember you need to enter valid US address while creating Netspend account.

* Small investment required – You will see below.


Step 1 Firstly, we are going to create our main bank account. Go to this link and
Step 2 Join usaa
Step 3 Fill in some legit looking info [doesn’t have to be yours]
Step 4 After you click next, choose no for both then hit next again
Step 5 Put in a Valid US Address then hit next [use some address from the list i gave above]
Step 6 Create your own online id,password and pin. [Please save your information on a notepad or something] Note- Put online ID in capital letters
Step 7 Read their online agreement and click I agree [Don’t have to read it lol]
Step 8 Create your own security questions and answers [ Please save this important information]
Step 9 Verify your info and hit submit.
Step 10 Go to products and Services
Step 11 Scroll down the page and click “Savings”
Step 12 Click “Open an account”
Step 13 Click “Get started”
Step 14 Choose “Savings” option.
Step 15 Choose yes for physical address option and click next
Step 16 Choose “Do not deliver my documents at” then press next
Step 17 Click the transfer funds option and click use another accountClick “Savings” as account type, click yes for signature authority ,enter your netspend account and routing number, choose a nickname and click next
Step 18 After clicking next, click submit
Step 19 Put in $27 and click next
Step 20 Tick 3 box above, choose yes below and click submit
Step 21 View your info and click submit
Step 22 Bingo! Now go to “my accounts”
Step 23 Click your account you just made
Step 24 Now look at your sexy new account and routing number. Add your info to your paypal account and automatically get verified.

How To Get PayPal Verified Now?

1. Go to

2. Login

3. Hit the “Get Verified” link

4. Choose “Add Bank”

5. Add in details-Bank Name- usaa bankAccount type- SavingsAccount number-Routing number-

6. Then click next.

7. Click “Confirm Instantly”

8. Fill in your details and hit confirm instantly

9. Congratulations! You have now Verified PayPal…ENJOY !!!!



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