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How Does this Work?

ATM card cloning, also known as skimming, involves copying the information from a bank card’s magnetic stripe onto another card without the cardholder’s knowledge. Here’s a brief overview of how it typically works:

  1. Skimming Devices: Our team install skimming devices on ATMs, which are designed to look like a part of the machine. When a card is inserted into the machine, the skimming device reads and records the information stored on the card’s magnetic stripe.
  2. Hidden Cameras: In addition to skimmers, Astra Hacking team often place hidden cameras near ATMs to capture PINs as they are entered on the keypad. Alternatively, a fake keypad overlay might be used to record the PIN directly.
  3. Data Duplication: The data captured by the skimming device and the recorded PIN are then used to create a cloned card, which can be as simple as encoding a blank card with the stolen information.
  4. Fraudulent Transactions: With the cloned card and PIN, criminals can withdraw money from the victim’s account or make unauthorized purchases.

These card are made available here in Astra Dark Web Market for our Customers to buy and withdraw money from the ATM or swipe in the stores.

Are ATM Cards Safe for Use?

Due to our credibility, experience, and age-long reliability, we are a trustworthy hacked ATM cards site with regular supplies to our customers from all over the world. To obtain the hacked ATM cards for sale, you do not need to give any personal information, not even your name. We do everything we can to ship your order anonymously and without labels after receiving it. Following that, you can start using your cloned ATM card to make purchases!

Our ATM Cards Are Guaranteed

We guarantee that the cloned ATM cards you get from works worldwide and free of any region block. Depending on the balance you select from the options provided BELOW, we will issue you with the appropriate cards. A variety of balances are available for the Cloned ATM card.

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