AliExpress carding Method has been around for over a decade, but there are still newbies or pros asking us how AliExpress carding works, so we’ve created the definitive guide on how to buy on AliExpress.

With Aliexpress you can most certainly order the packages to your own home address or friends and family and we can assure you that “NOTHING” bad will ever happen to you and no harm will ever come your way unless you happen to live in countries like China or Hong Kong so if you do sorry you may need to arrange a drop but even then AliExpress will see your drop shipping  orders delivering within China/Hong Kong strange to say the least.

Aliexpress have various shipping agents that work Worldwide but those shipping agents receive large volume orders worth a few thousand and not random retail things.

The give away before we start the tutorial is that this method will likely work all over the world except China and Hong Kong.

Let’s get started!


  • CC with the address, name, zip code etc. (it can be obtained from CVV shop
  • Premium SOCKS5 are not only important they are mandatory not for your own protection but to spoof your location to make it look like the card holder’s location.
  • VPN (for your own protection but its not mandatory as AliExpress will not knock on your door due to them being located in Asia, they are restricted with the info they can share with Europol, and the fact they are so big and profitable they just don’t care and take all these frauds/scams nothing more than a learning curve for themselves and their security teams.
  • AliExpress Account (you will create that in a process.
  • Email Address
  • Drop Addresses (yes addresses you can have more than 1 and that’s where your orders will be shipped)
  • Phone Number (yes, they will confirm the number periodically so it pays to have access to the number where you will be receiving their OTP from time to time)

Let’s get started! with Aliexpress carding Method


First steps

Do I need to be a registered to order goods from AliExpress?

Yes, the first step you have to follow so you can start buying on AliExpress is to register. To do so, all you have to do is:

  • Click here
  • Click on My Account > Register
    Sign in with Google (or click on “See more registration options”).
  • Register an account at AliExpress, and add information about Use mail which will create to confirm the name of the mail should be similar to mail cardholder. For the email, we recommend opening a Gmail account where the email address is similar to the card holder’s name. They will also ask for the phone number that you must give so give the number and conform it.
  • The next step is to select the country you’re located in and then, pick your national currency.
    On the web Click here to enter AliExpress. In the upper right corner, you can change languages if you need to. Then, choose “Ship to” your country and in “Currency” put your national currency.
Aliexpress Carding Method

This way you will see AliExpress in your preferred language, you will be shown products that can be shipped to your country and these will appear with the price in your national currency, if available on the site.

How to fill in the Aliexpresss drop address

To enter your delivery address, both on the web and in the app, just click here and add as many addresses as you want. From there, you can also choose your default address, which is the one that will appear by default when you go to finish a purchase. Basically, fill in the entire financial details so that your financials are set.

Aliexpress Carding Method
  • Now you are ready to place orders like a drop shipper, before you buy something its advisable to send message to the seller asking if they dropship this is just a trap so that if AliExpress team looks at your account they can see your message history and confirm that you’re a drop shipper, further more join in AliExpress drop shipping center and check prices as you will be placing your orders on a quicker pace,
  • Message sellers to ask for their process time, ideally you should be looking for suppliers that ship the same day so you can ask them what time do they take last orders for shipping the same day and keep on gathering info and finally adding the ones that ship the same day in your favorite sellers list.
  • Payment methods on AliExpress Credit or debit card The most common payment method on AliExpress is by credit or debit card. AliExpress accepts Visa and Mastercard, as well as Maestro debit cards and American Express cards. Remember that the payment will be made in dollars, since AliExpress does not accept certain currencies yet, but your bank will make the conversion automatically.
    Buy Live CVV here
    In addition, your card must allow online purchases: if you encounter errors when paying, we recommend that you check with your bank to see if this option is enabled Once the above homework is done you are ready! Go and buy the items (one at a time). And if you don’t want to be redirected to VBV payment or if the transaction did not go through, choose a lower value item and try again, it will go through.
  • You must also make sure the CC you have has balance for your purchase and the only way to ensure that is by purchasing items on a slower pace.
  • If CC doesn’t have any fraud issues the payment will be verified and you will not encounter any problems.


AliExpress carding is profitable at the beginning when you start your carding journey as a newbie carder, it can also be profitable down the line as you get goods for free but as you progress in carding you start to see more profitable things which makes AliExpress carding miniscule in comparison.

Yes you can buy sex dolls on AliExpress too if that’s something you’re into. Obviously, the riskier side when carding with AliExpress is NOT AliExpress but re-selling those things in large volumes within your own country, as you will re-sell more and more you will become more and more noticeable with time and its never a good thing.

Either way, we wish you all the best and try it out for yourself when you start as a carder and make some money as you move along onto the stealthier side of carding, with that said we would strongly recommend you to invest in your knowledge by purchasing our one-to-one masterclass so that you can learn your hands on knowledge from the very best.



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