You are currently viewing What is Spamming – Updated Spamming Tutorial for Beginners

What is Spamming – Updated Spamming Tutorial for Beginners

What is Spamming – Updated Spamming Tutorial for Beginners

This article covers the very basics of spamming that you must know, including what is spamming, reasons for spamming and other essential information on spamming.

Spamming is the indiscriminate transmission of unsolicited bulk messages using electronic messaging systems such as e-mail, other digital distribution systems, and broadcast media. The term spam also applies to other mediums such as Internet forums, instant and mobile text messaging, social media spam, junk fax transmissions, television advertising, and network spam.

Why we do spamming?

1. To get Bank Logs by spamming different banks.
2. To get cc,fullz.
3. To get Accounts like paypals,dating sites etc.
4. To spread our malware like zeus,keyloggers etc.
5. To spam lottery scam aka 419 scams.

There are endless reasons to spam but these were some of common reasons for spamming. Now we learned what is spamming and why we spam or for what purpose we spam lets learn how to spam 

Before we learn how to spam we need to know
the meaning of general terms:

1. Leads: Leads is the term used to refer to email list, its basically another name for the common term email list. Leads aka email list is list of email addresses of people we are going to spam.
2. AMS(Advanced Mass Sender): It is a windows based tool which we used to spam, here we add our SMTP, load our email list aka leads, add email from which mail will be delivered for example if we are spamming chase bank we add email of chase bank like noreply@ and add our scam letter.
3. Scam Pages: Scam pages is another name of the Phishing page, its basically a replication of the original page. Its used to get logs from our victims.
4. Scam letter: Scam letter aka fake mail is the name given to a email which is replica of original mail, here we tweak the original mail and edit asking victim to login to our scam page and we will get his logs.
5. PHP mailer: PHP mailer is a script which is used to spam our leads, this is another method of spamming. In this we don’t use AMS tool, we spam via this PHP script.
6. Cpanel: Cpanel is is the hosting panel of a website, in simple language it’s a panel from where a admin of a particular site manages his/her website. We use cpanel to host our scam page. Now question arises why we don’t used our own cpanel host to host our scam page? The answer is simple hosting websites don’t allow scam pages on there servers so we used hacked cpanels to host our pages.
7. SMTP (Simple mail Transfer Protocol): SMTP is generally an application which runs on a server which is used to transmit and receive emails, in simple language we use SMTP to send our mails to our victims.

Methods of Spamming?

There are two ways of spamming:

• Spamming Via SMTP and AMS.
• Spamming Via PHP Mailer.


This method is divided into 2 parts.
• First part is scam page uploading via cpanel.
• Second part is loading leads to AMS, adding
SMTP and start our spam 

PART1: scam page uploading via cpanel

1. First of login to Cpanel.
2. You Will See this type of screen:
3. Now click on file manager and you will get screen like this:
4. Now click on new folder and make a new folder named site and double click on the dir created site you will see something like this:
5. Now Click on upload:
6. Now make a Zip File of your scampage and upload via this uploader.
7. Now go back to your main cpanel page and refresh page and select file and click extract:
8. Now we need to edit a php file where we need to enter our email id where scam page will send logs, its different in all case in my case its l0gx.php (Select file and click edit):

At the place of $send = “[email protected]“;
Add your mail.
Now after you have followed all the steps we will check that our page is working or not.
If your cpanel website is then you will access scam page from 

We successfully uploaded our scam page, now we will move on to second part of this method. loading leads to AMS, adding SMTP and start our Spam:

NOTE: Spamming is illegal as per laws so we should not spam from our own system.

For spamming we should use RDP.

1. First connect to your RDP for that go to Start>All Programs> Accessories>Communications> Remote Desktop Connection
2. Add your RDP IP

3. You Will see box asking username and password, enter your username and password and you will get access to RDP.
4. Now open AMS, if you have rdp without AMS then you can intall AMS yourself on rdp.

5. First we will add a account on AMS: Click on Sender Accounts>Add/Edit Sender Account>Add your details>Click on add account

6. After this click on Return to main window.
7. Now Click on add>Add Server IP>Select Use authentication>Add Username>Add Password>Press OK
8. Now Click on Mailing List>Add Group>Enter Group Name>Double Click on Group Name>Load Mail List>Select file Now our leads are loaded.
9. Now Add Subject of your scam letter, suppose we are spamming chase then add subject of chase spam letter.
10. Add your scam letter into msg body and select html from message type.
11. Now CLICK SEND!!!

You will see AMS sending mails to your victims.

Spamming Via PHP Mailer.

Spamming Via PHP mailer is quite simple, as in

PART1 there was 2 Parts, in this method also there is 2 parts.
• First part is scam page uploading via cpanel.
• Second part is spamming from PHP mailer. As you can see First Part is same as method 1, I am not going to discuss it again, so lets jump to part2.

Spamming from PHP mailer

Now first of all I assume that we have uploaded our scam page, now lets start with spamming.

This is image of a php mailer, which is most common in most of the mailers.
1. First at Email: add the mail you wanna send mail from, suppose you are spamming PayPal then add [email protected]
2. Leave reply to box, if you wanna receive replies then add your mail.
3. At Subject Add Subject of your scam letter.
4. At message center add your scam page code.
5. At name enter the name of bank etc you are spamming. Example if you are spamming BOA then write BOA.
6. At Email Database add your email list.

NOTE: PHP Mailers only support 5k to 20k mails at one go. Select HTML and click on send.

Advantages of Mailer over Method of AMS.

  • Most important advantage is that it reduces the cost of the spamming as we don’t need to buy RDP.
  • Second is that its more faster than AMS method of spamming.

Advantages of Method of AMS over Mailer

  • The first advantage is that it saves time as we don’t need to load leads again and again as in case of Mailer.
  • Second Advantage is that SMTP’s are poorly configured and they don’t have security on them, whereas mailers are secured and most common problem is that they don’t deliver mails after 5k or 10k spam, as they got security on them.

In end I don’t say that all Mailers are not good choice but most of them are not good.

Golden tricks for good spamming 

1. Use IP SMTP, as said earlier most of them are having high limits.
2. Use Clean Self made scam pages, most of mail providers blacklist source of scam pages use self made clean pages.
3. Don’t use real domain while spamming, suppose if you are spamming paypal, don’t
use [email protected]
Use no –[email protected] as don’t belong to paypal so mail providers filters will consider it as genuine mail.


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