You are currently viewing How to Bypass PayPal Two-factor authentication (2fa) – Updated Guide

How to Bypass PayPal Two-factor authentication (2fa) – Updated Guide

How to Bypass PayPal Two-factor authentication (2fa) – Updated Guide

There is an updated guide to bypass PayPal Two-factor authentication in system that gives carders an opportunity exploit payment processor.

We discovered 2fa vulnerabilities in PayPal – ranging from dangerous exploits that can allow anyone to bypass their two-factor authentication (2FA), to being able to send malicious code through their SmartChat system Below, we go over each vulnerability in detail and why we believe they’re so dangerous.

With this method you can bypass PayPal’s phone or email verification, which for ease of terminology we can call two-factor authentication (2FA). Their Two-factor, which is called “Authflow” on PayPal, is normally triggered when a user logs into their account from a new device, location or IP address.

What is PayPal 2FA authentication?

PayPal 2FA is a security system that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access something. Two-factor authentication can be used to strengthen the security of an online account, a smartphone, or even a door.

How to bypass PayPal Two-factor Authentication?

Benefits of bypassing 2fa

Stolen PayPal credentials are very cheap on the black market. Essentially, it’s exactly because it’s so difficult to get into people’s PayPal accounts with stolen credentials that these stolen credentials are so cheap. PayPal’s carding outflow is set up to detect and block suspicious login attempts, usually related to a new device or IP, besides other suspicious actions. But with our 2FA bypass method, that security measure is null and void. Carders can buy stolen credentials in bulk, log in with those credentials, bypass 2FA in minutes, and have complete access to those accounts. With many known and unknown stolen credentials on the market, this is potentially a huge loss for many PayPal customers.


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