You are currently viewing Using Spotify BIN Guide to Get Free Spotify Premium for Life

Using Spotify BIN Guide to Get Free Spotify Premium for Life

Using Spotify BIN Guide to Get Free Spotify Premium for Life

Presenting here, how to use the updated Spotify BIN guide to get free Spotify premium. Here, I’ll also show you how to use bin to download Spotify Premium, so let’s get started right away.

Do you like listening to music?, me too, who doesn’t?, if you are a pure music lover like me, then surely you already know Spotify, Am I right?, if you hear the name this time first, so let me give you a brief description.

About Spotify

Spotify is a music platform where you can find millions of music for free, It is easy to find the right music or podcast for every moment, it depends on your mood there is available Romantic, sad, Relaxing, Party and many other types of music

So you got it? Now let’s come to the main point, everyone can use Spotify for free but you will get many types of ads during playing music, to stop ads and continue enjoying ads free music you have to buy premium pack of Spotify, but many of you, who doesn’t have money to spend, they can use this method.

So here i will share some Spotify BIN by which you can easily buy free Spotify Premium.

What is BIN?

How to Get Free Spotify Premium

BIN means Bank Identification Number which has written on every card, the first 4-6 digit number called BIN, actually BIN used to identify the issuer of the card and it also increases security in online and offline both transactions. It also helps to block unauthorized transaction.

You might be thinking, how it will be useful to Get free Spotify premium? Well through it you can find many credit cards number which you can use for payment on Spotify. Don’t you understand? Let me explain to you

Spotify premium can be bought on some specific BIN generated card number, in online you will get many credit card generator sites where you can easily generate tons of cards but, all of them might not be work, to make sure which one will work, you have to generate cards with specific BIN only.

So, in this post i am sharing some New Spotify BINs which is 100% working in 2021.

How to Use BIN?

Actually, the process of using BIN (Bank Identification Number) is very easy, you will just have get a BIN number then generate some cards > use the card for getting premium subscription.

Well, it just like a trailer, the main part is still remaining here i am gonna share A to Z full guide.

  • First of all, you will have to get a 6 Digit BIN which you can found here
  • After getting BIN, open any ‘Credit Card Generator’ site like
  • Now enter BIN Number there and generate some Cards
  • Now you have to know which card is live.
  • Open any cc checker site
  • Enter card details there including CVV/ Exp date
  • Now it will show you the card is live or not
  • Once you get a live cc, just copy it
  • Connect VPN to the same country as cc
  • Then, open the app or site where you want to get premium subscription
  • On the payment page enter card details and done.

Please note: You have to do this process until you get a live cc. If you do not get any live cc from the generated cards then you have to regenerate some cards again.

Latest Spotify BINs

Just like my previous article Netflix BIN, here is the list of updated Spotify BIN, you can use any of them for getting Spotify Premium subscription.

Spotify BINs IP Live
5144400 Ecuador Yes
5297500 Kenya Yes
4379749 Saudi Arabia Unknown
516579 Australia Yes
376517 Brazil Yes
525437 USA Unknown
44110 USA Yes
457529 Panama Yes
54271 USA No
53876 USA Yes

All the BINs 100% Working tested recently, we keep checking all the bins and updating daily, however, if you find any other bin, do let us know, we will update that bin too.

Updated Spotify BIN Method Full Guide Step by Step

Spotify BIN method a technique to use Spotify Premium services with randomly generated cards, but not all generated cards work there, only some specific BIN-based live cc works. As i have already shared BINs here so now you just have to follow the above procedure. Just read the steps carefully till the end

You just have to follow these simple steps for Spotify Premium

  • Get Spotify BIN
  • Generate live CC with that BIN
  • Connect VPN
  • Use the cc details to Get Spotify Premium

The process looks very simple, but not like that, these are the highlighted steps only, you can only understand this after reading this whole article.

Requirements for the Updated Spotify BIN Method

You will need to arrange some tools and materials for this method, just like Netflix Bin Method, if you visited our blog daily, you might be known already what things required for bin method, well don’t worry i mention it here too.

  • Latest BIN Number for Spotify
  • Spotify Account
  • Live credit card
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Recommended HMAVyper or Zenmate
  • Shocks
  • Basic Knowledge of Carding – (Know – What is Carding )
  • Good internet connection

Note: You can use VPN or otherwise Shocks, no need to use both at once, VPN is an alternative option of shocks. In my case, i always prefer to use VPN however, both are good and the rest depends on your choice.

How to Use BIN to Get Premium Spotify Account?

Well, once get everything ready in your head, then no need to wait anymore. It’s time to enjoy Spotify ads-free music with high-quality sound. Let’s go for it. Follow all the steps carefully and don’t miss even a single step.

1. Open Spotify and Signup for an account

First of all open or can also download the Spotify app from Appstore or Playtore, after downloading, sign-up for a free account (Skip this step if you already have an account)

2. Get a Working BIN

I have already shared all the bins which are 100% working till date, just choose any bin you wish and copy the BIN for the next step.

3. Generate some credit cards

Now you will have to Generate some credit cards, you can visit any Credit Card Generator sites like and follow these steps

How to Get Free Spotify Premium


  • Visit cc Generator site from this link
  • Paste the bin which you copied
  • Click on the Generate button
  • Few cards will be generated instantly

4. Open cc checker to know which cc is live

As i already told you, you have to find out which is live, only live cc can be used to buy premium plans, so to check which cc is live just follow below steps

  • Open cc checker site such as
  • Copy and paste card details there
  • Click on the check button
  • Done, it will show you the card is live or not

It’s an optional step, you can use the card without checking, but it will become little hard because you have no idea which card is live. Sometimes cc checker kill the card also. So not recommend.

Remember: check all the cards one by one until you get a live usable card. however most of the time you will get live card instantly.

5. Connect VPN or Shocks

Download any VPN (Recommended HMA) and connect it to the same server as cc country, like – if you had generated USA cards then connect to United State server. Of if you can buy same country shocks and hit connect (Shocks is an alternative option, VPN is easy to use)

6. Buy Spotify Premium via Generated CC (BIN)

Just open Spotify app > go to Premium section > Get Premium > Select any plan which you wish to buy > Select Credit or debit cards as payment option > Add Generated cc details > Finally click on Start my Spotify and done.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium


The payment will be done and your premium Spotify will be activated instantly, now you can enjoy all the music without any ads and with high-quality audio (3D Audio)

Please note: If you got card declined error then it means the Generated card is not valid for any transaction, in such cases, you will have to generate others cc with others BIN. Repeat same process if this error comes. However, there are very less chance of this error.

How to Generate New Spotify BIN?

Do you know you can Generate Spotify BIN which you can use to buy Spotify Premium?, well it’s true, you can you can your own BIN which will work for long time.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium


o Generate Spotify BIN follow below steps:

  • Open
  • Tap on BIN Search option
  • Now select Country, BIN Type and bank name
  • On the fourth option all the BINs will be shown
  • Select any BIN you wish
  • Now you will get all details of the Generated BIN

By this way you can generate unlimited BINs, you can repeat same process to generate new bin, then use Cc generator to Generate some cc from the bin and check which cc is live, finally use that cc on Spotify.



Hey wait, let me tell you one thing, you might not be used one account for more than a month, because those random generated cards used for test purpose only, however, sometimes you may get little balance also, but very less chance.

You can buy another premium account after trail with another bin, but if any balance are there, you can use that account for long time.

These all BINs are 100% working, i have tested personally. You can also make your own BIN, the process have been shared already. I know it is hard to Generate Working Spotify BIN, but if you can make then you can use it for long time.


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